Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not quitting!

Friday night to about 2:30 today I was really sick. I slept in all day on Saturday. Then I woke up at 2:30 Sunday after noon. At 8:30 tonight I just up and left for the park and did 9.5 miles on the bike. I told myself as I went round and round the .7 of a mile asphalt track, no quitting. And so I did it. Even the weather was overcast and cold, but I still did it. Saturday it rained so it was a perfect day to be sick.

I am not going to stress on the scale. I am just going to stress on the activity. Doing at least 10 miles for the remainder of the month daily.

I am still tracking my food so not to blow it. I am just calming down on the stress on it factor. I will not weigh or be different from the household. I will just pick and chose as it comes. They have been pretty good on laying off the breading or leaving a piece of meat for me with out the breading.  Tonight I cooked and only ate the chicken and the tomato onion saute' that I made with it. Left the rice and the starchy veggies alone. I need to stress on the water more. I have been drinking 3 cups of coffee. Usually it was no more than 2. The main deal with the coffee is the creamer has carbs and adds up. So I don't want to drink my carbs.

I need to do more Pilates. My legs are feeling worked, but my arms (besides the baby lifting) need more emphasis.

I will be checking the blog roll. I hope all are doing fine on their challenges and journey.

Bloggie Love!


  1. The coffee is getting me right now too. I'm going to have to give it up.

  2. If you manage to do those 10 miles a day you will for sure see a loss! Good for you for setting goals!


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