Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Imma Rydah!

I did the 10 miles. 6 on the first stretch. Went home to eat some awesome meatloaf and green beans for dinner. Relaxed for a half hour drinking water and kicking back. Then I went back to finish up the next 4 miles. I also walked 1 mile while I was at the park earlier.

I used a phone app the first stretch. It started with a British speaking guy telling me my speed and my kilometers. I decided to do the first lap with him periodically yapping the distance and speed. He said "1.1 km" Then I realized that the track was metric. Each lap was 1K. Hmm...I guess they did it for the runners. I changed him to miles, though and he still was British. LOL. I used an app called "Noom". When I returned after dinner, I did not use him. I decided that counting in my head and listening to my tunes was all I needed.

I brought out the drawing case and let the kids color. I decided to join them and felt a bit Monet-ish using oil pastels. I thought later, it should of been a vase...but happy to be off the machine to use some real art media...

Not quitting. I have not counted the times I did this...but I plan on doing this daily until the month is over for the challenge.

Bloggie Love!


  1. That is an awesome workout! I'm sure you will see some results if you do this everyday.
    I don't last very long on a bike, because my bum hurts too much... :)

  2. defiantly a great workout for the challenge.

    I think meatloaf is going on the dinner menu sometime soon. It has been to long sense I am had it, yummmm

    And you painting is beautiful :)

  3. its been a while since I've done any art outside of photoshop myself.. it can be so soothing to just lose yourself in the creative world <3 Though dont stray too much from photoshop, I always get a kick out of your graphics ;0) Great workout btw... I soooo wish I had a bike!

  4. Good morning. You are doing great. Really awesome. 10 miles a day on the bike is wonderful. I don't ride bike except for pleasure with the kids but I have logged 18 miles walking but today need a rest day for my legs so will just do the normal plus mini golfing tonight with my scouts.
    Have a great day. Take care and God Bless!!

  5. Hi "Bluezy,

    Biking is so exhilarating! There's nothing like it for feeling like a kid again. And I need as many of those moments as I can get! Love the pics!


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