Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Little SVT Bump

I have had this reoccurring medical condition since 1997. I had to go to the ER again. And they got me all hooked up with cheap yet effective meds that I think this time will be fine. I did finally go to the clinic and register for their low income rates. They pay 90% of the labs and each visit is only 15 bucks. It is a Community Clinic run by PA's. I am finally going to get the whole probe into the cause. One time a doctor thought it was thyroid...I just don't really have the symptoms of cardiovascular disease (even though my heart rate was in the 200's and twice I had to be defibrillated in the span of time). It could even be prediabetic related...Another thought it was dehydration.  Each incident, they told me my blood pressure was fine and my blood sugar was a bit elevated, but not of real concern. Another time the stuff that my hypothalamus kicks out was at screaming levels, but the stuff that my thyroid matches it up to did not require it. It was like holding the pump handle on the gas tank even after it was full thing.  All this will now be told to my doctor and we will figure this bEotch out.  The pills they gave me are to treat Angina and blood pressure, though. It was the drug that instantly converted my heart rate to 90 (from 212).

SVT Supraventral Tachycardia
"Most SVT is unpleasant rather than life threatening, although very fast heart rates can be a particular problem for people with underlying ischaemic heart disease or the elderly-(from wiki)

I was walking to the mall (2 miles away) with 3 young girls. The last time it has just happened in my sleep and also at resting state another time, so it was not exercise related. We were gonna do the "poor girl fashion show". Hit all the cool places at the mall and just do dress up and buy nothing. The girls imagined being models and the celly was charged. I did that one time with my own daughters. They had hecka fun. I went to high school right next to a mall and we did that a lot. Just went in and tried stuff on for fun. I liked hats and sunglasses (Quick and easy and no dressing rooms).

So I had to curb the challenge (until tomorrow), but keeping to just the bike. Doctor's orders. I did 3 miles in 2 days...though. Just added it. 2 miles Tues. 1 mile Wednesday (suddenly interrupted by an SVT attack).

LOL The doctor told me no work out. Just rest. My work out was going 212 on the heart meter and yes was a cardio work out and it does burn calories (I was anal enough to ask that). Maybe he was joking. I was not. I really wanted to get my mileage in. It is my new phase of getting slim to get fit.


  1. oh no, this is NOT good. :(

    Please do as the doctor orders!!!

    Praying for answers and recovery.

  2. yeah.. listen to that doc, ladykins. Take it easy for a bit. Don't want to have that heart give up.

  3. Another downer for those of us who are "older." Possible heart problems. But...Listen to the docs and be patient until they find out what it really is. We need our Bluezy to stay healthy.

  4. Really it is NOT the exercise that does this to me. I have been way more physical and nada. Just every year it reminds me it is there. I am sure it has nothing to do with heart disease. I will get this figured out for sure soon. Gonna get complete chem panels and thyroid panel and go from there.

  5. Hang in there. It sometimes does take time to find out the root of the cause. Hope you get some answers soon!


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