Sunday, June 17, 2012


We made it to the mall a couple of days ago. We got a ride there and walked around for hours. The most fun were the escalators and the elevator, though. Oh and Barnes And Noble play stop. Oh no there was more fun and pics these are just a sample.

Planning on getting back to the park to do my bike rounds. I don't want to get stuck allowing things like the emo eating I did today to go on. My scale is on the hard wood floor in my room. I looked at it and thought "Evil Device do not tempt me".  Yep tomorrow in the coolness of the evening I am putting on the clear goggles so the mosquitoes won't kamikaze into my eyeballs and putting in some casual mileage.


  1. OMG... those kids have so much fun with you. It's wonderful! Raising a bunch of fun-lovers! :)


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