Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scratch that pause...

I was thinking I was taking things a bit too serious by weighing daily and then when my scale went up 3 lbs (which I am convinced is water weight ), I had a meltdown. I was considering just up and deleting this blog and stop talking about how I am going to do the "life changing" weight loss.  Just do it and shut the heck up. I have been so whishy washy this year.

Either way...I decided to just get out and about. There is a .7 mile track in the park right next to us. I took the kids two days in a row there in the evening after supper. It is way too hot in the day...evening is just splendid. I rode my bike 6 times around while the kids played in the playground area on Sunday. It was mind settling to just ride it. Many people were doing the same. 4-5 on bikes, families with strollers and dogs, and single folks with dogs. Some lean runners. Today I did 7 rounds and the ride home equals a bit over 5 miles. I would like to be able to do that walking. Maybe another phase.

Witnessed this ice play on the park hill!

This grey hair was jogging with these!

About 7 carbs per half- Jalapeno poppers with cream cheese.

I ate a breadless sandwich, though.
I still intended on making my blog roll rounds and peek in on all the bloggies. I was very excited in reading Jo's blog "A Well Kept Life" on the challenges she has joined. I know I was gonna start one, but I had no definition to it. It was just a pretty challenge badge with the Toulous Latrec look and fancy font from a pic I saw on Google images. "The Five Mile Challenge" was spot on. I had just come back from doing 5 miles on the park track on my bikey. LOL It is being sponsored by Deanna from "Me and You { Getting Fit At Home}"

A trim and dye matches the purple reading glasses!
Being overweight at this age is just asking for bad stuff. I already have some bad stuff happening. The clock ticks and the only thing I can control with time is my weight and health habits. I just need to get a grip and not be so obsessed with the scale. I just need to do it.  So there you go.

Bloggie love!


  1. I am SO happy you are doing this challenge with me.

    How awesome to have a park so near by; it sounds like a great place to ride your bike. Your purple hair looks GREAT btw. :)

    1. I need to make a commitment to routine exercise and this challenge has what I need right now. I really appreciate your challenge idea and very happy to be joining!

  2. Good evening. Love that purple hair. Really I do, it's so cool looking.
    Some of your picture are disturbing to me, don't stop but I'll just skip over them.
    Don't stop blogging either, it's the only way we really can keep tabs and help each other.
    The walking/hiking/biking/moving our butts for 5 miles a day challenge is awesome. I am so glad you are part of it too.
    Yesterday I did awesome, today just barely got in 4 miles so tomorrow will push a bit more.
    Keep up the great biking. Take care and have a blessed evening!


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