Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 75

Finding my lost Mojo 
Fat Fast serving
I need to recalibrate. I am not only on a diet, but I am on a health journey. Frak the fat fast. It set me off balance. This week I felt like I wanted more of everything. When I eat I need to practice eating real.  I need to have a plate that looks real. I need to use a fork and cut and chew.

Garden picked - I ate it.
In my daily food today, I have added garden fresh (out of the weed patch) veggies. The lettuce is pick-able and so are the radishes. I think I am going to change the mayo into evoo. The Greeks used it a lot, what could be wrong with a drizzle of that on my salad?  I am sure Princess Dieter would agree that those Spartans, like Gerard Butler represented were very healthy!

I am just adding a new breakfast, which is one of my old breakfasts that I started my diet with.
  • Half cup of instant oats. 
  • A half a teaspoon of peanut butter. 
  • A smidge of real butter. 
  • Davinci sugarfree hazel nut or french vanilla.
I am going to have this breakfast every other day. Alternating from low carb to carb. Another experiment!
Keeping low cal and doing the walking . Pilates will begin again for my next week on StS.
The Yo-Yo Carb Experiment.
Why this change of heart? Thrice Blessed from Less Of Me and more of HIM blog has toast. fudge bars, fruit AND spaghetti and has lost 6 lbs in a week. That is impressive. I am introducing only one factor and seeing if it really matters for me.  The exercise needs to be consistent with me as well. I am spending a lot of time just lounging. Only one walk a day.

Edited in: Oh and still keep to the Intermittent Fast. Keep to my eating window. Less salty food unless I can't avoid it like the shrimp or chicken breasts that have it in it as I get it...
Edited in:  I dunno. I was doing so well and then this breakdown of carby foods this week. I am going to chalk it off as that and continue the original plan. Consider it a fu fu or a cheat session. I think I either did not lose weight or gained a pound. We shall see.
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  1. I think it's great how you keep experimenting to see what things work for you. I love me some oats! I've been eating cold oats & they are a great alternative for the warmer months... not that we are really all that warm!

    I use 1/2 cut rolled oats
    1/4 cup oat bran
    1 cup almond milk (you can use any kind of milk or water even)

    Then stir it all up & put it in the fridge. You can leave out the oat bran also, I add that just to make a bigger amount and a little more nutrition. Leave it sit overnight, or for a minimum of 2 hours if you can't wait. Then I split this up amongst a few days so I stir it up & dish some up, add a dollup of nut butter, or berries, fruit, honey, Stevia... whatever you normally flavor with. It's great:-)

  2. You do have to experiment with what is best for you, but work in things you really really enjoy that are healthy so it is a lifestyle change and not a million experiments at once. As if this isnt an experience to all of us sometimes after all of this gain and learning how to retrain our brains. Good luck!

  3. Yeah, that is why I am adding oats. My 81 yr old mom tells me eat some oats put some cinnamon in because it is good for the heart...
    I decided for the health and the filling of it. A filling oat breakfast, then a lite salad, then a meat and veggies dinner. We shall see.

    And yeah the key is add health to it. The week before on the Fat Fast it was like a concoction diet. Well I could of been a weird drink vinegar and cayenne person or just snort some speed. I need to eat food real food.

  4. You'll get that mojo back, Ms. Scooter!

    I wouldn't be able to do a fat fast.
    I love my fats but that would be overboard for me.

    I use avocado oil on my salads and I've even added avocado to my tuna & eggs on occasion in place of mayo. Mayo just has so much "stuff" in it that I like to stay away.
    Of course I could eat it by the spoonful so there's that too.

    Recalibrate till you find what works for you.
    I've tweaked so many times it's not even funny. :D

    That mojo's gotta be somewhere!


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