Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 71

Slimmer This Summer Baybee!!!

Keepin' hydrated, hope you are, too!
[my daily food diary link here]


  1. I love the water jiggle :).

    I need to fill my starbucks cup up 4 times a day to hit my goal and I lost count after the 6th fill up yesterday so I definitely made it yesterday.

  2. this is my fave image so far, love it! and you keep that water intake UP! i know i fall short of the new guidelines at 220 i need 100 oz a day! lol

  3. I drink a glass of OJ in the a.m. with my meds and vitamins and then 2 cups of black coffee. After that it's water all day. I don't drink anything else unless I get the urge for an unsweetened iced tea.


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