Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 70

I read a little about the swim suits back then. They would get wet and heavy. I actually like the style. Sort of a bodysuit shorts ensemble. The parasol and the hat...check out the shoes.

Day 70 for me and in a month it will be already 100 days. Wow! It is only 12 days to the 4th of July. My goal was to get to 240 by then, but that is now trying to lose 18 lbs? Well, at the time of my divining this plan, I weighed 294 and in April, Independence day seemed way far away. Time does creep up!

I would like to thank you for all your kind words to me. Blogging support has truly worked for me for this diet. I don't feel alone. I have learned so much. And I get to mostly smile with you daily!

I really cherish the recipes. DebbieNichole (Colie), and Fitcetera are three off the top of my head.  I love when bloggers take the time to tab and photo and all. Or even just post a find. I briefly look like with my super binoculars because to get to close to such good food at this point of my diet, is like kryptonite. I especially love mushrooms in a meal, so the one on June 11 on Colie's kitchen just really looked awesome.  I gotta work this good stuff into my diet and shop accordingly. Right now it is what it is and just to see it...makes me hungry, but for flavor . My meals are boring. But it is a no brainer. It is serving my purpose.

 I need to clarify that although I can see some empty bags in the van of my daughters decadent eating last week. I am strong. I know that from the moment I decided to make this life change, that over eating and eating unwisely is gonna have to be out of my life. Yes, I can reminisce of my mega calorie fast food order, but I can also see what it has done to me. I am taking my life back. I do not want food to control me. Even though right now, food is sort of controlling me, but it is food in the right direction being weighed and tracked before I bite into it. When I go out to eat, I plan on being sensible about it. Not to mention, I do not want to ruin this run of weight loss at all. I want to continue losing. I want to wear fashion and wear it well. I want to  be a hot grandma. LOL
[my daily food diary link here]
I crocked some beef stew soup (no thickener) with broccoli, seasoning, and RICE.
I ate it. Hahaha. RICE yep I ate Rice. not even two teaspoons, but I ate it.


  1. 12 days to the 4th of July? Holy buckets, nobody told me that. Hmmm time sure does go by fast. Best of luck with your challenge goals and continued progress. I love the pics you post!

  2. I so want to see you be a total Janyne Mansfieldesque Grandma--hot blond on her wheels! Even have a helmet that says HOT GRANNY! Dang, yes!

    I find bloggy support essential. It keeps me going on rough days. Today, I'm totally bummed and working on getting my cheerful mojo back, but sometimes, you just have to be sad, as long as you don't eat the emotion.

    So, keep at it. Be strong. Be the hottest granny ever!


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