Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 69

Slimmer This Summer End Of Week 2 Breakdown
Weight loss: Total week loss of 5 pounds!

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Eating:  I went off plan to try this Atkins Fat Fast Diet Boost. After two days, I gave into some meatloaf, but the next day continued with the fast.
Water:  Always on top of it. I have a system of bottle refilling and have them near at all times.
Exercise:  Laid off exercising to do this Fat Fast. This also allowed my injury to my ribs to heal up.
Blog Support:  Been around here and there reading posts getting others point of views. Love to leave words, always!
Major strength:  Resisting all the temptation from the Feasterama going on with all sorts of food!
Fat Fast conclusion: Let's see I lost the same amount of weight (hurray for losing) the first week with more food, less fat. So, I conclude that the Fat Fast was either not long enough, or there is no difference from what I was doing before to what I did on the Fat Fast. I am almost tempted to go on for a few more days just to see if something magical happens. The excerpt read : Caution if you have no metabolic resistance to losing weight, you will lose weight too rapidly to be healthy.  My idea of too rapidly is more like between 8-10 lbs.

I will conclude the experiment, though. And get back to my plan.

I am surely happy, though. Losing 5 lbs eating like a monk. No exercise. Resisting nachos, pizza, fried chicken, candy, root beer floats, and potato salad and the sight of Jack In The Box empty bags in the van (I love their 2 taco deal, Sourdough Jack with extra mayo and onions, and jalapeno poppers and they top their shakes with whipped cream).

Yet, that is how I got to this point to begin with. Binging can be part of it, but truly, I was a fast food glutton.

The Holy MacDonna! by Banksy
I love urban art. I especially love some of the rogue graffiti especially Banksy!  Their art is priceless, because they create it and then the law will take it down. Except in his home town in Bristol, England where his covert art is never white washed by the law.

Here is a slide show of my favorite outlaw artist! (btw millionaire)

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  1. I just love your blog. You art work is stunning. I am so proud of you losing 5 lbs in the STS. Gracie

  2. I'm going to be in a similar situation when all the lovelies and their boytoys come home this weekend! But I've got a plan- and they like to eat home cookin' when they come home SO we're all going to eat healthy!

    Congrats on losing 5 lbs with all that's going on there! You have quite the stamina!

  3. 5 pounds down is a wonderful thing. Say goodbye to those 5 forever, good job and rock it out again this week.

  4. I used to be a HUGE fast food glutton, it's embarrassing to think of it now.

    5 lb. loss is great. I'm no expert of course but I'm a calorie girl. Low carb, low fat, whatever, for ME, it's how many calories injested. If I eat 1400 calories worth of low carb or 1400 calories worth of low fat, or 1400 calories of whatever, it all seems to work the same for me. But, I realize that people are different and it's all about finding what works for YOU. So take your 5 lb loss and keep it up!!

    Meatloaf rocks, I so don't blame you. :-)

  5. Seriously, you think that my favorite food could be something classy like Steak and Lobster or some fancy concoction of expensive food, but nuh uh. I love the meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I also love pot roast. Probably because the meal itself is so good, but oh the sandwiches!

    I am seeing through the challenge that it is the calories and the exercise. Everybody is doing so great. And the pride they are getting (for sure) for their endeavors.

    StS baybee!

  6. WOW that's a wonderful number! I am totally envious of you!! Good work! You did a fantastic job and week 3 will be great too !! Nicole

  7. Congrats on the loss. You are rocking it and should be proud of yourself.

  8. Great loss! Wahoo!! Fantastic!

  9. What a great week you had! Congratulations on the loss! I'm going to check out the Fat Fast!

  10. 5 pounds, WOOT!! I was hoping for that number myself but I didn't make it... maybe this week I will:-) I love art too, thanks for sharing it!

  11. 5 lbs. is AWESOME! I hear you about the fast food. I kicked that to the curb last July and I can't even believe how much better I feel. Eat healthy foods and feel healthier every day...who knew, right! Beautiful it!!

  12. Congratulations on the 5 pound loss. Keep up the good work

  13. A great loss. And I love that Madonna. It would be a crying shame to whitewash work of that quality. Hey, tell Banksy he can come and graffit my back wall. big nice white canvas. :D

    Hope you can break the junky fast food habit. I know it was hard for me, but those drive-through places barely call my name these days. :D You do get used to bypassing them and eating better.

    Later, babes...

  14. Oh give me a cold meatloaf sandwich with ketchup anyday, anyhour. I love it. Pork, veal and beef make a good flavored one. Not sure about your diet but for flavor it's the best.

  15. 5 pounds! Inspiring!! You are doing so good.


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