Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 79

Need to move more. The heat has slowed me down.

I get in the pool with the grand babies and just lay on my floaty feeling chilled and relaxed in between a cannon ball or two, but these things don't make me all jumpy. It is all part of the kid package, noise and splashing. I have my favorite local channel tuned in Gen X 92.5
Right now I finished my lunch and decided to put my blog on and do some blog reading before heading out to an air conditioned place to walk around. That Shiritaki or maybe the heat...didn't sit well in my tummy, though.

Went for a country scooter cruise and found these wild asparagus growing. Now that I know what they look like (they are not hard to tell what they are..duh) I am going on a long haul to get bunches all over and freeze and pickle them. Guess what I am having with dinner? LOL.

When I was in high school I hang out in the upper B wing girls bathroom trying to be cool and smoking. I had this want to be popular thing. The girls that were in there, were talking about wild asparagus hunting. I thought they were using code for looking for guys. I judged that they were not virgins. And the one that said she wanted to go hunting was really excited about hunting it. I should of gone but I saw the phalic connection in my dirty mind and judged this girl instead of believing she was just another country girl!

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  1. I love doing leg exercises while hanging on the side of a pool. And, I could do arm exercises too. If only I had a pool.

  2. I just love the pool too, sounds like you had a lovely day!
    I didn't know asparagus grew wild... i do now

  3. What a naughty girl you are! Asparagus? Even I never thought of that! lol
    I've never gone asparagus picking but there are quite a few people that do around these parts.
    I love the stuff.


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