Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 37

  • Starting to document my low carb recipes on a page. 

The Blog called "Debbie Does Dieting" has started a group challenge.
 It is 12 weeks to "Slimmer This Summer"! Click on the badge!
All the rules are there and there is a special page in developing to see the participants and progress. Tracking weight and food and committing to an exercise plan.
I got most of it down, but the exercise plan.

Since it will be weekly weigh ins, I decided to weigh in to start the routine and guess what? Oh yea lost weight check out my weight on the side bar!!!!!

I am new to diet blogging, but not blogging all together.
Last year, I joined the "Dona Nobis Pacim-Blogblast for Peace" started by Mimi Lennox  of Mimi Writes . It was my first this year and I plan on doing it again. So many wonderful blog posts and YouTube messages on that day!
I also joined the "Practical Magic" group blog day.
They were both fun!
The Blog For Peace is a yearly thing.

The video below is one of my favorites! 
Crowzena really has a strong message:
"Be the change that you want to see in the World"!

I am jumping on house chores so not to be sedentary.  
I am also getting into cooking!
Check it out "Bluezy's Shrimp Cerviche".
8 carbs per a third of what you see
[in a Corningware 9x9x2 square].
The first in Bluezy's Low Carb Kitchen Page!


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  1. Man...raw frozen shrimp has a lot of sodium! I ate it already. As I completed cooking a full course for the son and law. Teriyaki beef ribs, pot stickers, and scalloped potatoes. I need to get rid of the potatoes (and those pot stickers). Having pot stickers in the freezer was too much temptation.It will be ready in 30 mins.


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