Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 38

I decided not to put out the big word that I am on a diet, but when my daughter told another relative that I lost weight and how much I lost, I heard the "uh huh" of a tone that means more like "yah sure" in a wonder how many diets she has been on and quit sound. Maybe it was just me. I just don't want to hear it at all. My mother of 81 who constantly criticized me with fatdom my whole life is on a positive kick. I know it because she is older and we got the why do you have to be so mean issue under the bridge.

 My Shiritaki experiment. I put cayenne in because my daughter likes hot, but it didn't go well mixed with ginger. We ate it anyways. I will get it down and then add it to my recipe file. Thinking pork and also making my own low salt broth out of a whole chicken I have in the deep freezer. That is a 13x9x2 Corning Ware dish. We split it in two and the calories and carbs were way low as you can see in my journal below. This mega portions with low calories is why my total calorie counts are low, but as you see my protein is not bad.  My sodium is not to my liking. I will have to be more careful tomorrow. Maybe go vegan for a day.  I am stuffed. And still have 3 bottles of water to go. I may do five while I play a video game or watch a movie.

I am also feeling energetic. Waking up early and staying up. I must have some fat cells that have some magic mojo rejuvenating juices in it that the Phase 1 Atkins is releasing. Thinking about taking a progression pic with tighter clothes tomorrow and marking my spot better so when they are combined in a video, I will look like the shrinking lady!

Looking forward to the 12 weeks "Slimmer This Summer" challenge that starts on June 6th.

Shiratake Cheesecake Recipe [link]
Do you like Cheesecake enough to make this? Check it out! 191 cal and 3 carbs per piece. It is a 9 inch round cake and cut in 16 pieces. If you make it before I do, tell me about it.


  1. I don't usually put it out there that I'm on a diet cause I don't like the looks. I hate if people know I'm on a diet and I decide to have dessert or something, they'll give me that "look" or something. ya, I keep it pretty much to myself.

    I've never tried those noodles, how are they? I've heard a lot about them though.

  2. Going to try low carb again tomorrow. See if I can make it a couple of days. I feel like crud anyway, so what could it hurt? I'm encouraged that you are doing so well.

  3. Yep, my son in law sort of does that. But lately he has been supportive and only eats because he can. lol Yet he says nice things to us about how much did you lose? That is great.

    Shiritaki is is called the Miracle Noodle because the whole package is only 40 cal. As you see in my dish pic, that is a 13 inch baking dish using only one package. My concoction needed more flavor. I am avoiding yellow onions and onion powder. But I am thinking I should of used butter and sauteed the green onions alone with the chicken and mushrooms slowly to a brown to create a caramelizing of sorts. I rushed this. I could use safron to give it color. I got some plans!

  4. The lower carb energy is amazing. I noticed it. It was night and day. Sometimes relatives asked me if I had turned hyperactive. But no, it's finally having the body run better.

    Taubes explains (as do others) why ratcheting down the carbs/starches makes for better energy utilization in the muscle, all that science stuff.

    For me, it was just fricken amazing. Not feeling like a dead piece of wood.

    I haven't tried the shirataki, cause I heard so many reports of mushy texture and bad smell, though rinsing seems to be the big key there.

    I may yet try it. :)

    Happy "End of the World" Day. (Off to dance to REM..."And I feel fine")


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