Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 39

I took a new progress photo. I like this blog dieting. It is a visual of all I do so I can troubleshoot my days and wow there is a different look about me. I was wearing a bit of eyeliner on the first photo and wearing a lighter color shirt, but they look so different. Mostly the face. This is truly cool! Again I am thankful for Diet bloggers for their inspiration to do this!

A tad of an urge for emo feeding today spare you the details, but found an awesome animated pic on google images that relates to emo lol
Went on a scooter ride to research the sugar free DaVinci syrup flavors for using to glaze my meats! Pineapple sounds great and I am checking out the adobo seasoning that they say there is.
My mom is from the Philippines...adobo is vinegar garlic and soy sauce with onions and peppercorns reduced when cooking any people are calling it a spice? There my mind was off my stress in onto food in a positive direction. No ice cream cone images floating in a hazy cloud in my! absolutely NO!LOL


  1. Love the before and after photos. It's like transformation right before your eyes.

  2. I know what you mean about how the online blogging community HELPS so much! It's like a whole bunch of invisible friends cheering you one.

    I'd never thought about those syrups for meats, my friend uses them in her coffee. Chipotle chili powder is one of my favorite ways to flavor meat.

  3. I am into a cilantro thing now. I take like three to 5 sprigs and chop it up. Then I use a garlic pepper season on top of my meat and then I put the cilantro on top and slow cook the meat on top of a piece of bacon. Yum. I got straight on to the low carb thing because if all fails, I could eat a steak for every meal and be with in my diet. But egg white omelet (4 eggs with 3 items in 1/4 cup servings topped with a low salt cheese and then a salad and then a steak dinner with salad is dining in luxury) The documenting of what I eat is vital. It was the snacks the pops the bready and chippy stuff that kept me here.


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