Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 40

Question: Music or no music on my blog?
Please tell me if you like the 20's music along with my post.

Day 40 that went fast! I had to cook for 4 extra adults after they drooled over me and my daughter's low carb omelet. Usually the son in law whips up his own decadent eater food. But his Step-dad, his teenage brother and brother's friend came by. When we started eating they all announced they were hungry. So I made them bacon cheese burgers on toasted sourdough. The brother says I won't be able to eat that all and I snapped at him and said "Nobody leaves carby food uneaten around here"!  Later I whipped up some Fajitas and imitation crab salad. That imitation crab is a frakin disappointment! 12 carbs in a half cup. Someone needs to call the frakin cook. I guess if I could get fresh crab and crack it and all that I could make us some..We will see what is in the market, here in Ideeho, it seems like it might be spendy.
I surpassed the 1000 calories today...a bit.  I ate my salad and fajita meat on the porch with a cup of coffee. It was such a beautiful day here!

I just read up on low carb flour called Carbquik. I follow a low salt blog and she was making tortillas with regular flour, so I googled Low carb flour. 2 carbs per serving on the cheddar biscuit recipe. A ton of recipes. Got to be domestic and have the 12 bucks for 3 lb bag. plus 5 bucks shipping.  Is bready low carb worth that much to you?


  1. For our last crab dinner, I paid $24 for 2 fairly large Dungeness crabs. They aren't cheap here in crab country, and I'm betting even worse where you are. That was just for the freshly cooked local crabs at the seafood market. That's why we don't do that very often. Wonder if the canned crab is any good? They have it at our Costco store, but I've always been chicken to try it.

  2. Once upon a time I had crab in the can. It was an ingredient to a recipe my mom did. We lived to tell and I have no food memory of it. Not like I go to the store and go "OMG I just have to have some canned crab".

    Yeah..imitation was such a handy dandy easy and tasty alternative. I lived closer to the water when I was down there, but I was always broke and buying Cotsco on a pauper budget. The best poor time I ever had in an RV a block away from the beach.
    I heard the local place up the road sold them cheap. And of course oysters cheap because the bay was right there! I lived on the Long Beach Peninsula for 6 months and had an accident in Seattle and could not walk for 4 months while my hip socket surgery healed. I had to move with family and stayed. The baby grand daughter is a good trade for a beach walk.

  3. never like crab so not an issue for me, now shrimp or salmon and i'm ravenous! lolol i honestly like music though my own annoys me i hate song 1 (even though i added it! ) and i can't seem to delete it. i usually have my volume off so as always timmy is clueless! LOLOL have yourself a glorious week!

  4. I bought carbquick months ago and still haven't used it. Can you tell I'm a lazy ass cook?

    Music? On most blogs, I say NO. I like your choices so far, so I vote YES, especially when you do different quirky jazzy retro old or otherwise fun stuff. :D

    Although, VOGUE by madonna is fun!



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