Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 41

The mind is a tricky thing when it remembers. And then I have the blog as a memory keeper. In this case it was the fond memory of the 4 pieces of pizza I cheated on. In my mind when the cheap 5 dollar pepperoni came in and I was good to go had ate and at around 500 calories- then I remember the 4 pieces from the beginning of my diet and how I still managed to lose weight . So as I ate one, I decided that then I had ate 4 the last time and so now I will just have a second. I even looked up the calories and carbs..I gave the top end crust to the dogs. But...I was bad. On cheap 5 dollar pizza! It still was better than a bowl of that imitation crab salad in the fridge. I am throwing that out even though I made it yesterday...Let's just give it a premature toss in the trash! Yep!

As I felt the urge to binge anxiety, I decided to throw away that imitation crab salad, but not until I managed to shove three spoon fulls in my mouth.


  1. If I never had to eat again, I'd be thin. I quit drugs cold turkey, I quit smoking cold turkey but damn we still have to eat. That's what really stinks. Keep going! You're doing good!

  2. just keep at it hon, you're doin great! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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