Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 46

This is a vintage Before/After I did to represent the guys. If it were not for stumbling onto Jack Shit, I think it was the first dieting blog I had ever seen. I loved his Michelangelo's statue of David Obese. A while back I was considering altering David or put an outfit on him, but it has been done over and over again. .
Throughout history, Venus has taken some blows.
Presently, she has been neglected waiting for these
states to ratify ERA [click to enlarge]
Last year, I altered Venus De Milo for an ERA pic on another blog I do ( I have 3 total now). I am not recruiting here, just dieting, though. With my 1920's theme, 1920 marked  the first step in ERA with the Suffrage victory giving women the right to vote. Women have "come a long way, baby". Yet can you believe that there are so many states that have NOT ratified ERA? And it could be YOUR state?

Today I am eating pretty good. I have my cooking mojo back. I made up a big pot for company of chicken veggie chowder and going to serve it with Rhodes Dinner Roll (getting those babies out of the freezer and pushing them on the eaters). The flour thickener and the milk in it make it too much carbs for me and my daughter.  I boiled up some carnitas meat and seasoned it yesterday. It pulls off so good. We will be eating that with 2 cups of winter veggies if we can put that down. On top of the water. Still procrastinating on exercise. I have no hunger waiting for dinner. Breakfast was so filling and then coffee and water there is a lot in my belly.

Look it is only 704 calories and 15 carbs,  but we ain;t starvin'!


  1. I hate to cook and am not ashamed to admit it. Being married to a chef for 23 years spoiled me but after he passed away I heard him laughing when I had to pull out the pots and pans. I just know it.

  2. I am not so much into it, but I like to feed people and hope they like it. And the end result in cooking ends up in me! I just came off a blog that has a deviled egg pic. I gotta shake this want to snack when I am not really hungry, just like food. 9 pm time for water fresh air and a movie or early nitey nite.

  3. Actually, I had no idea that the ERA had not been ratified in every state. Of course WA is not on that list you posted, and I note that many of the states on it are down where our southern sisters live. Not just a coincidence I'm thinking.

    Still remember how shocked the people at work were when I told them I was a Ms. and not a Mrs. It was a big deal back then. Can still remember the light bulb moment when I started reading my first feminist book. Might have been the Feminine Mystique. Also remember buying the first edition of Ms. Magazine. Remember that? They were keeping it under the counter at the store along with the Penthouse and other smut.

  4. I don't remember it being under the counter. I remember the bra burners, but I was big breasted in my teens even and the thought of letting them droop was not liberation in my mind. I liked my boobies to try not to sway so much in those days. The boys were nasty about it.
    But as the 20's were roaring, I can see why the women started to overtly smoke and perform sports and show more than their ankles.


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