Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 45

Silly Flapper Girl, take your heels off!

LOL. I am enjoying editing these Flapper images. All I do is cut and paste and use a smudge tool and a the image resizer tool on my GIMP (a free Photoshop wanna be). I had to draw the scale on this one. I cut the scale circle from an image and changed the angle a bit and drew the rest. It is akin to scrap booking in a twisted way. I put a really big" badonkadonk" on the "before" Flapper, huh?  I never used the word 'badonkadonk" before. For years when my kids (and now my grand kids) are watching TV and I get in front and in the way, they will say "excuse me" or get a little more feisty with their words. I will take my time moving and pause and shake my butt and sing the "It's my butt show tune". My kids love that I still do this and now with the grand babies. I might surprise them with the "My badonkadonk show song".

Another way I annoy the kids in my life, but they actually like it is catch them off guard and say something like "I have some candy here for you" then I move my closed hand towards them and open it empty in their face and go "Hah Sucka!". They know they are easy! Been doing this since I was 21. If you know anybody who does that...they stole it from me. Copyright 1979! LOL.

Got rid of the music. It was noisy. I weighed this morning and lost that pound to put me at HALF OF FIFTY!!!! I wanted it to say 25 instead of 24. I added a slide show on my progression page. It is my Facebook profile progression. I cut out my face from a picture taken right after the accident just before my road trip to Ideeho in Jan 2010. Here is my favorite. I'd have to say this is a goal but with bigger boobs!

We had short pork ribs in the freezer. I thawed them out and decided to experiment. I used Wylers Light Sugar Free Sun Splash Orange the tall container type that holds long packets that make up to 12 quarts. I took 3 of those and put it in 4 cups of water. Then I took two teaspoons of Garlic Pepper Perfect Pinch, a tsp of Ginger, 2 tsp of Knorr boullion granules and 1/4 cup of  Splenda Granulated and poured it on as a marinade in a baggie the night before. I broiled it this morning and tried one. is edible. Not Food Channel worthy or even blog worthy to share. Has a bit of after taste. Didn't glaze...I need sugar free syrup and that might do the job on ribs. All they had at Sam's Club was sugar free Raspberry DaVinci. Looking for a place that sells more fruity flavors for the Italian Soda peeps. No Costco here. Any suggestions?

I am going to edit in my food diary later in the day. I am lazy don't know what to eat, besides those unusual Orange Wylers (lol) marinaded ribs. Let me pause on the thought and wing it through the day.

Thanks for the watch!

I am in a mood. I cooked up all those ribs and so I them. And to try and stay with in my calorie and carb plan, I plan on eating just them. It will be a carnivore day. A day of Tudor like feasting on meat and tossing the bones. (Not that extreme) I can't get away with eating them and then adding other "healthy" foods or just fiber at this is my decision. The marinade was virtually sugar free. And some calories to the Orange drink that I noticed. There was no entry for it in the My Fitness database, so I am assuming this is what it is minus the possible sodium of the two tsp of boullion.

Health? Well here I am at 269 and if you look at what I eat and think "Why is she not eating healthy things"? Well, I can say that if I have to eat a pile of meat today loaded with cholesterol be it. I could be worse. It could be a tub of  ice cream. Just a thought. So the carb and calorie levels stay within my acceptance level regardless if it is not balanced. Sheesh half the time I am not balanced. LOL
My Fitness diary:


  1. I get Torani's which is similar to DaVinci. Do you have a "Smart and Final" store near you. They usually have tons of different flavors. I love them(SF peach and SF Mango) in my Iced Tea. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. (was hoping you were a stalker, I need some excitment,LOL) Have a wonderful weekend. Gracie

  2. I think this is my favorite before and after pic yet. I love it! You have a wonderful, warped sort of great talent for this!

  3. I just blatantly stole that before and after pic with the scale, printed it out and am going to paste it to the front of the refrigerator. Sometimes my butt feels just that big.

  4. I have no problem with you taking my pics. If I did I would be like some of those uptight blogger that have ping backs and plagiarism police programs going on. Seriously 1984 crap. I am just a fat woman with a weird hobby now and a desire to lose weight.

    Good idea to put that on the fridge.

  5. Love the pics. Just read your about your accident, OUCH!!! lots more then that but that was the first thing that came to mind.
    Like your idea for your slimmer summer challenge. You can do this, you're determined!!
    Thank you for stopping by and the advice for comments. I just waited for blgger to fix it and it seems to be working great now. At least I can stop and say hi.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend. I'll be checking in to see how your doing when Debbi gets the linky going.

  6. Love the flapper. Actually, both of them look pretty good. The before one does have a case of steatopygia. ; ) And yet, even the big girl looks good balanced like that on a small scale.

    Congrats on the ONE FOURTH OF A HUNDRED! And an all meat day is better than an all cake or all ice cream or all candy day, so hurrah.

    Have lotsa veggies manana. :D


  7. I have also noticed that in the before and afters. They both look wonderful. Yet I am prejudiced and think the after one is mean and after my man? LOL.


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