Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 44

My main concern with exercise is that I am as big as I am. I need to do low impact on my legs to begin with.  I am a year and a half from a surgery that put a pin in my thigh bone and a plate on the socket it goes into. I just don't want to take a chance on it really hard. I walk fine even better than before. That could be because I up and quit my job a few months prior to the accident and got off the standing on my feet all day stress.  Here is the story :
I was in Seattle parked on an incline. I started my Full Sized Bronco SUV in the driveway of my daughter's friends place.. Had my 11 yr old Lab in there. I noticed I was blocked in by trash cans, so I get out (vehicle running) to go move them. As I start to move the plastic mini dumpsters, the vehicle starts rolling slowly towards me. I hold it for a second and scream for help. The idea of it rolling down in Seattle I thought could be for a long time. Well I was not strong enough so I let go and bumped into a one of those dumpsters and then the Bronco bumped me and I proceeded to be down on the ground My mind said " I am going to die now". I said out loud "Shit!" then thump the left rear tire of a big 4WD size 32 tires rolls over me and I make a grunting song that the only description to real that I have is grunting during a bowel movement.. Yea I used profanity as my possible last words. My mind said "I am going to die because the engine is going to decapitate me. Grunt, Thump forward tire rolls over me. I am alive. in the middle of the street but could not get up. I swear all this going through my head is if I broke my back so I tried to move it hurt and I could move my arms and yell like hell. Traffic stopped people came out. My Bronco rolled into a utility pole bounced and then proceeded to roll down 6th St located near the VA Hospital. then came to a crash into a small Hundai looking car. Broke 5 ribs and dislocated my hip by pushing my thigh out of the socket and blowing the bone out from the socket that needed to be reconstructed with a metal plate. The whole front end of my socket tore off. I was at the Greys Anatomy Hospital, Harbor View and well the best doctors in the nation fixed me. It happened 2 days before Thanksgiving 2009 and I had no cast, but I was not allowed to put weight on my right leg and had to not extent past 60 degrees. I had to use a walker. Not able to entirely walk until March 2010.  And the only people who could take care of me lived in Idaho. Big road trip, through ice and potty breaks were a bitch. I lost my RV and beach lifestyle. And to top it all, a day before it happened I told my eldest (who had a hard time dealing with me that way and could not mentally take care of me) that I had this feeling kind of like psychic that something is trying to communicate me some message due to weird things that strike my attention and a gut feeling of urgency and some crow calls. I wish I could interpret what it means. Two days later...there I was in the hospital. Happy to see some older nurse scrub my ass in the shower.I called my youngest daughter, the one I am dieting with and sang "Grandma got runned over by her Bronco"! So she would know I was gonna live.
All were surprised that I ran myself over with my giant SUV. Doctors told me that if I was not a large woman, I would probably had fatal injuries. Obviously there was something wrong with my tranny linkage. If only I had put the E-brake on. I was going to the store to get a snack,

The before and afters always amaze me on these diet success stories. I am committed to watch them as my inspiration. The first one I saw was on 266 blog [link] that made me cry considering why she stopped blogging (it is sad).

Anita says that "anyone who puts it in their mind, can do this".

I have put it to my mind!

As I will be doing the "Slimmer This Summer Challenge" I will have my days menu planned out early in the day and commit to it. So I best start and get used to it. I also will do my weigh in's on Monday mornings.
Here it is:


  1. "Ouch" isn't quite the word to use here. "Good Heavens to Betsy!" That's not it either. That you survived is a miracle! You sure got sent to a great hospital. What kind of exercise can you do safely now?

  2. You are one very lucky and very strong woman. I know someday my knees will have to get replaced and my weight will be a factor. It's always a factor. Glad you're alive and well and blogging with us all.

  3. You are one lucky lady. This just happened in my town in May, young mom just put her kids in and the same thing happend to her. I could swear it was the same kind of SUV. Unfortunately, she did not survive. Her little 4 year ran and got help. Her husd was over seas in the service. God Bless you and hope your knees get better soon. Take you

  4. well...I am never gonna do the running thing and that is not because I am older or that my pinned hip has anything to do with it. If I will be from some scary stuff or to get a better seat at something I like. I don't even know it had been done if it were not for my butt cheek tingling a bit at the scar site (looks like jaws took a bite) and then when it rains I feel it a bit.
    I can walk fine. I am going the passive route. Walking and Beginning Pilates. I am primarily going to rely on my diet to lose weight and when my body is lighter...then I will be doing some thangs.!

  5. ohhh ouchy, i sheared off the lil knob on the end of my thigh bone 10 years ago so now it tries to pop out of joint if i move wrong. so glad you're ok. and so very glad you're sharing the journey with us!

  6. Slimmer by summer Challenge, to lose weight ? OK, now I have something to read... Thanks for he funnies... By the way, Dinner from Boston Market on a Slimming plan ? Ok...

  7. Ooo a buzz by from Allan. I read so much about your phases and am really amazed by your success!
    The thing is about My Fitness Diary is that it is hard to find a split chicken calorie value. Yesterday, I used the Jewel rotisserie and today the Boston Market. It is actually home made with only seasoning and no salt whole roasted chicken split. So the value in the diary is a proximate value.
    The is no Boston Market in Ideeho Falls, but we do have TWO WALLYs!

  8. OK, that is better for you.. You know how they get the Boston Market chickens to taste great. Brining works, but they add sugar to the salt mixture.. Not a great healthy treat...

  9. Boston Market chicken tastes pretty not so good. :(

    I'm glad you're in the challenge. Your sense of humor and before/after art is always a pleasure.

    But now that I'm catching up: OMG, that accident scares me just READING about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for the fat on that one!

    So glad you survived. The blogging world would be less fun without ya....

  10. Wow! What a story! Nice that you're around to tell it.

    That's why I haven't been using a fitness diary as it's hard to find the exact things and I seem to spend too much time trying to find it or the equivelent. It seems to work for a lot of people though. I just weigh and portion my stuff and use Whatever works as long as you're tracking!! :-)


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