Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 35

The song begins with what is called a "Muted Trumpet". I like that especially when watching old cartoons! You can read the history of this sound in the Wiki [here]

I used mozzarella fresca in my omelet this morning. Most dieters probably know this already, but as a grocery checker, I imagined it was just a new trend of cheese and possibly a health thing, but now I know. One of the things I liked about being a checker was snooping on people's food choices. Oh and I would ask about it. The fresh mozzarella really kind of didn't have that stringy pull that everyone likes on cheese on the cooking end with what amount I used, but I will continue to experiment. Love that low sodium level of 50mg.

Bought some whipping cream to make Frappe Breves! 4 coffee cups of strong coffee I made in the morning and then left in the freezer. Later, I put coffee mixed with the ice chunks of coffee into the blender half way. I poured a half cup of whipping cream and added some cubes of ice and added about a half cup of Hazelnut DaVinci SugarFree syrup. It made two servings of 200 calories each with NO carbs.

 Me and my daughter were like Starbuckin' It!

*About my Roaring 20's Theme:
I just got a creative hair up my jiggly butt and imagined myself a Flapper to be...LOL. I really didn't realize how cool the music is. They used real instruments and I love the wah wah buzz sound. It reminds me of early cartoons...I played a playlist off of YouTube all through cleaning my house. I was feeling domestic with all  the cooking and stuff. Sort of like the Flapper women... coming of age in America...getting out and about...thinking about voting...and trying to find a speakeasy to smoke and drink in without Pappa finding out!  Hanging out with pot smoking musicians and Negroes singing the blues and jamming the jazz. And it was prohibition time...kinda like CARB prohibition here. They're seriously restricted here. I do want to succeed this time!


  1. And if you never saw her in silent films, Joan Crawford looked TERRIFIC as a flapper. Better than her harsher, big eyebrow, hard lips look later on.

    I called that the "wah wah horn". I didn't know the technical term. :) A classic tune. This is the kind of music I played in my head reading 20's Hemingway and Fitzgerald in college....

    That is some SERIOUS red cheek rouge on dat flapper gal. Holy cow, looks like she has a major fever. hahahh


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