Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 34

We looked around for Shiritaki Noodles at Winco (it is a West Coast Food 4 Less but more like a real grocery store) because they have Udon Noodles and Wally's doesn't...but no luck . They had Tofu up the yang. I googled and they said Kroger has them and I was in there today (Smith's), but just the bank. Duh!

So I ate weird, but I ate and kept it down. Tried the Bake-Et pork rinds and regret it a bit, because it was like macking down on a bag of chips and I got that like to eat the whole thing and where is the dip kinda way in me!

We restocked our crisper with veggies. Gonna do the Shrimp Cerviche with tomatoes cukes cilantro and lime juice. Not gonna sauce it up just use fresh tomatoes. I noticed that eating a half of the bag is like only 320 calories! That is a lot of shrimp.


  1. great shopping, keeping it interesting is important to staying on track! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Wow -Awesome tracking! That would have taken me forever!

  3. Now that the warm weather is here I'm so happy that the fresh fruit is coming out and we have salads as a side dish to our chicken, beef or whatever we're having for dinner. Sounds healthy but if you saw the rest of the snacks you'd know why I'm heavy! I've gotta stop this crap.

  4. This is why I seriously get bummed over not being able to eat seafood (horrid allergy developed when my thyroid died). I mean, I could cook up a big old pan of scallops and shrimp for minimal calories. White fleshed fish is also low in calories. Salmon is great for the heart. I mean, I get so mad at my body for standing in my damn seafood way. Sigh.

    Enjoy the lovely shrimpies.


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