Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 33

 A picture and a painting has a responsibility to represent the facts...mostly. But things can definitely get twisted. I just can't imaging that all the Flappers were skinny wittle thangs. Nu uh! So in my twisted sort of manner, I have decide to start a new project called "Fatten the Flapper" and I will alter a bunch for fun!

I have been lazy lazy all day. I don't know why I really didn't feel like eating. Maybe guilt maybe something the food did to me. The thought of food made me nauseated like morning sickness when you are pregnant.
I decided later to try and eat something and ew it just didn't sit well in me and so I feel icky. This is to my good fortune. Or serves me right for carbing out yesterday!!

Oh I decided to look into sugar free Torani or DaVinci Italian syrups they use for Italian sodas and use it as glazing to meats. Peach Chicken Curry maybe...Or Strawberry glazed cornish hen or ham... It will make carbless meats more fancy me thinks...Gonna get some low carb thickener, sugar free orange drink powder and low sodium soy sauce = Orange chicken Chinese style! It will be some happening eats! Low carb Shiritaki Noodles. and recipes on the link, too! Love the internet and who ever invented low carb noodles! Hope they don't taste nasty...Anybody try them?


  1. Go to the REAL Lemon website and take a look at their powdered citrus juices. I like using them to flavor meats and make lemonade and such. Handy to have when I run out of fresh lemons and limes. I love the crystalized lime on papaya and makes nice limeade in a pinch. You can use them for sauces.

    Of the two, I buy more Da Vinci, I find. Some have a terribly chemical taste, but when I want a sno-cone, I crush up ice in the blender and pour cherry or coconut or something in . I also like to flavor Greek yogurt with some. All the sugar free syrups I've tried had a kinda weird aftertaste to me, chemically. So, it's sorta a tradeoff. Netrition users seem to like the Da Vinci, and there are al ot of reviews.

    If you have a day when your body says, "Don't eat", then just go with the flow. Maybe use some quality whey protein in smoothie and let your body dictate. As long as you have some protein and a bit of fat so you don't lose muscle mass, why not let no hunger dictate no eating. :D

    Anyway, thanks for the musical blast from the past (I went through a phase when I watched movies and read books about Hollywood in the twenties and thirties. Even went to see a showing of THE IT GIRL with Clara Bow. Flappers are a fun visual image. I'm too hippy to wear dropped waists, but it was still a cool look.


  2. Papaya is a natural tenderizer. It is potent. My mom is from the pre WWII (she was a child refugee and one of the stuck Filipino/American families that waited 3 yrs for Mac Arthur to reclaim the Philippines long story of starvation and loss of family members)and they used it to tenderize tough meat all the time! If you leave it in too long it will break down your meat into mush, though.

  3. I'm going to have to pass on the Shiritaki noodles. I wanted SO BADLY to like them when I first got them. I had seen so many recipes that used them and the recipes looked drool-worthy but alas, I just couldn't get over the texture. I'm kind of weird with pasta texture anyways. It HAS to be al dente; if it's too smushy, it makes me unfortunately, I could not get on board with these. Hope that doesn't taint your opinion of them ;) If you're interested in recipes that feature them, try Hungry Girl: If you search for the word "noodle" you will get a shit ton of results and most (if not all) her noodle dishes use some form or another of the shiritaki noodles.

  4. Oh that will be cool. I am online away from home on the way to get some shiritaki noodles and reup on some stuff.

  5. Love this place!
    You are a gem!
    And yep that Real Lemon/Lime/Orange...
    Awesome stuff!

  6. I'm sorry your family suffered so much. And yeah, papaya has serious enzymes. When I clean too many of them at a time with my figers, it can even sort of exfoliate your fingertips. It even self-digests, weirdly.

    I like it cause, well, I like the flavor (if it's not too ripe) and I like it's anti-congestion properties, given my allergy issues. :D Plus papaya doesn't incite my acid issues or allergies like Pineapple sometimes can (and it's got a potent enzyme, too).


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