Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 32

I'm not ready for vigorous exercise. When I was thinking I was a large woman at 200-210 about 10 yrs ago, I was a bicycle riding beauty. LOL. I could ride no handed and did not drive. I lived in a climate and a place where it was easy to get around everywhere. They even had bike racks on the bus system, so if I wanted to go far and just bike around, or get there and ride back later, I could. This is one thing, I want to be able to return to.

I really would like to be able to climb a tree. And even if it is the lower branch, jump off without hurting my feet. Even jumping off one step of a stairs is a probable injury.
My eldest daughter (25) held the high score in DDR at the local pizza place. I tried DDR at the arcade my mind said yea but my feet said ouch.

I danced around holding the baby the other day when I skipped my beginners Pilates. I did a blog post on my other blog with Count Basie with a story how I saw him in '79 at Disneyland playing with no one watching. I sat and enjoyed it and told him I thought Disneyland sucked that there wasn't a crowd sitting there. But even the Count knew IT WAS DISNEYLAND. He just smiled. I made a playlist that I replayed and moved slowly rocking the baby to and fro. She loved it. I did it for 15 mins. I felt it in my arms the next day. So out of shape.

Count Basie Orchestra-Splanky from YouTube

I'm not going down like that. I am still too young to have to be so careful. Weight has aged me. I am confirmed to this diet. It will rejuvenate me.

I will take my next set of pics at my next weigh in on May 25th. I noticed that the clothes I wore for my first pics were baggy,  so next pics I will wear tight clothes.

Keeping to the plan: more or less
It was my daughter's birthday celebration. She was born Friday the 13th 23 yrs ago. They just about needed a catchers mitt when she came out in two pushes. For a delivery, it was pretty quick.

So today her friends who are also dieting with us, decide we will celebrate. We did a Mongolian bbq without the noodles. Yet it is still way above the carb level...I had planned, but these things are sometimes unavoidable. Could be worse...cake and ice cream which the kids got. I will make up for it by being extra good the remainder of the week.

My daughter has lost 12 lbs, they younger of the two Amazon beauties lost 11, the other lost 8.  The Amazon Beauties have been on the diet since Monday. My daughter has been on it for 12 days. The eldest Amazon well I love her, but she talks about missing carbs and wants to plan cheat days every 2 weeks...It was hard not to agree.


  1. How wonderful is that Basie tune! OMG, grooving and snapping my fingers over here. Maybe I should just get up and dance. :D

    I had a feast day today. I was reading on some blog about how it's good to shake things up, have fast days, have feast days, have average days. My average day is 1200 cals or so, my famine days (when I rarely, but now and then cut back) are 900. Today, for the first time in ages, I experimented. The scale will tell me how bad or okay or good an idea this is. :) I walked for 45 mins and ate 1700 cals. I haven't eaten that much in, well, last year was the last time I ate that much. About 6 or 7 months ago. So, let's see. :)

    Back to 1200 tomorrow. Feasts are meant to be rare, anyway...just like fasts....

    Thanks for the Basie and putting down thoughts similar to mine. I remember when ONE step could make me worry. And when I had issues with curbs. Now, I like hopping up and down curbs, just cause I can. :) I wish I could climb a tree with you. A low branch and then....jump down! And not break anything. ; )

    Later, lady...

  2. Great post. Great story about the Count. I give you alot of credit on this weight loss regimen you are following. Good for you!!!


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