Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 31

The Eels-Birds from YouTube

Well the reason I am buggin' here is that I want to share something I have been doing and I have a wonderful connection to it, the bug, and the diet!

Once upon a time, the boomers after WWII had bug issues in the food they ate. Nobody likes buggy food and so they sprayed it with this mojo called DDT. This made the Farmers happy. It  made the crops abundant and bug free! All were happy. Little boomer babies born by record amounts and all were well fed!
It was truly a car in every garage and a chicken ( fed by sprayed food and probably more mojo concoctions injected) in every pot.


Since people were driving around, drive throughs and park and eat places were the lastest way to eat out and show off the prosperity. The french fries and the burgers..tossed in the back to the kiddies "Yay!" and sodie pop!

The thing is they never knew the damage they were doing with the pesticides and the symbol of our country.
The American Eagle. Less and less eggs were hatching and by the 70's there were only 400 mating pairs left

What I am getting at is
I have been following the Decorah, Iowa  Live Bald Eagle nest cam..
Now the Eagle population is 70,000 estimated.
Because America changed it's ways.
An entire nation changed it's ways.
Yes, there are still polluting terrors happening, but the Eagle showed us that what by making a change, they are now thriving.

And that is what we as dieters are doing, 
Making a change so that we may live a better healthier life!
 For ourselves and our family and our world!

*I altered the kids in the cartoon family and the girl in the Coke advertisement to look chubbier.
Using GIMP (a free photoshop clone).

got a handle on it.


  1. aren't you clever! i'm technilogically challenged myself! lolol my friend does wildlife rehab and i've been lucky enough to help out. she's rehabed and released several bald eagles they are AMAZING! nice post sweetie and good numbers too, way to go! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. I had a bald eagle fly over me and my daughter. We heard a loud whooshing noise and looked up. Got to watch it perching in a nearby tree for an hour.
    They are special creatures. And so big. You are fortunate to be a part of the rehab.

  3. I have to pass that song on to birdwatcher Katschi of Bike Butter blog.

    We had nearly a whole city mourn the death of some bald eagle fledglings in a fire a couple years back. We had seen in the news the nest and everything, and then to have them die in a fire was so sad. :( I get a kick out of burrowing owls, myself. :D

    I thought the girl in the Coke ad was chubby and went, "Wow, look at that." Then saw your note about altering it. Hah.

    Anyway, here's to more bald eagles and all sorts of cool birds.

  4. Not enough real people in ads. And never in food commercials do they bring out the chubbies.
    We know a guy who goes hunting owl pellets. They regurgitate and leave them in barns and places they live around. He gets paid a dollar a pellet from a school in Oregon. They dissect them in a class there. So they need a continued supply and I guess they are doing a study.

  5. You really cheered up my day with your extraordinary pics! Also the fridge was really scary on last post, but then those things are scary sometimes, aren't they?


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