Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 30

This is how I saw the fridge in my mind basically...and so I put it together I call it "Evil Fridge"!
The blogger downtime was a trip! So I am at home content that I had lost all that weight. The grand daughter wants popcorn around 8pm so I nuke a bag. The smell..must of triggered something in me. I know it was not part of my eating window time, but I thought maybe a carbless piece of turkey pastrami will help my hunger. Then something told me oh well one piece of bread and I have a whole 2 weeks of time until my next weigh..and then I see this half avacado, but I put lettuce and mayo on it instead, Oh we have potato bread deli size and the round sandwich sized slice sour dough bread in the deep freezer for the eaters. I can pass sour dough (unless it is grilled with a burger or toasted with Braunschweiger and swiss cheese). I eat it and ahhhh fresh potato bread oh crispy lettuce and mayo just smoothing down my throat...I can't handle it a half a sandwich is not I make another half. I look at the avacado there, and then still avoid it. I think about the creme popsicles in the freezer. I eat the other half a sandwich. Then I think omg I am like wanting to eat the refrigerator, but maybe the creme pops...

I think of Princess Dieter and her post on binging. I think of Timothy and his post on goldfish, poptarts. I think of all the blog posts I have read and all the strength they give me to see the battle and the before and afters, and anybody who has commented here and what I am here for and I said F this NOT THIS TIME!

  • This is the diet I will NOT quit!
  • This is the diet I will not eat again when I show a little progress.
  • I will not go back to the I started a diet and never finish it.
  • I am here for the count.
  • I am here to be healthier.
  • I am here for a change.
If you don't know how much I appreciate you posting your journeys...Just know that just reading the many people that are successful makes me feel like a group I want to belong to. I want to be a part of this. I need to be a part of this. I WILL BE A PART OF THIS.



  1. you ARE a part of it, and i feel honored to be part of your journey. we bloggers really are a fabulous family of super supportive kick ass superheros......after all the pen IS mightier than the sword! it's wonderful how people in cyberspace many of whom you never get to meet can be such a huge part of our lives. i adore everyone i follow and everyone who follows me. my problem is i want to keep it manageable otherwise i'd follow EVERYONE! lolol great post darlin and feel free to reach out anytime that's what we're here for! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. I am so stoked that I AM a part. I swear it helped me when I was feeling like that evil fridge was calling me to my doom.


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