Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 29 final edit

 5,6,7,8's I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield from YouTube

 8 pound loss in two weeks!

I was stressed. Next time I will just wait and weigh. Since my daughter was on this weigh by the day thing, I weighed myself as well and there was a wobble up and now down. I am pretty sure it was the salt. Considering I am eating less than a thousand lately and keeping my carbs like Atkins induction level. Just gonna do another week like this and then progress to between 35 and no more than 50 carbs a day for a while then... I do DO know the concept called CHEAT DAY. I just don't want to really go there yet.

Change of plans. My 6 yr old grand son has a school field trip to the zoo and Mommy, my daughter Julia (named after the Beatles song) is taking him and his 4 yr old sister. I will stay home with my one year old grand daughter. She will help me watch my carbs smiling and humming. That is loving!
Now gotta make sure Jack doesn't crap in the house. LOL
I mentioned pictures...

B/W here cuz I am still in Kansas waiting for Oz at the end of my dieting rainbow!

Happy with all my values here. Keeping below 25 carbs. Salt OK. Calories still not making it to the 1000 mark, but I'm fully fed. Kept to my eating window for the IF. Just water tonight...oh and since I stayed up late...I decided to skip Pilates until tomorrow. The baby on the loose crawling kept me going.


  1. OH, my gosh. Convergences. I am a Japanophile and there you go with the 5678s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah

    And when I first saw your profile pic, I thought, "Hah, she's Jayne Mansfield if Jayne had lived to be a bit older than allowed by fate!"

    Jayne and Japan. :)

    I'm digging the music as I type this, heh.

    Eight pounds in two weeks. I've never done that (then again, I never went super low on the carb, either). Hooray. Make sure to get your fluids and eat fiber rich veggies (so you don't constipate!). Magnesium supplementation at bedtime helps oodles (good for bones, too).

    Happy eating!

  2. Thanks, Princess. I think I am gonna live. I love this music, too. I thought it would be like a "look at me" kind a tune. You also should look up the Yoshida Brothers. They play what is called Tsugaru-jamisen a sort of contemporary Nipponese (I like that word) jazz using the shamisen. It is meditative, yet has energy to it. Here is a playlist link I had made a couple of years ago

  3. Love it! I have the infamous Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield pic as my Facebook profile pic right now :) I am obsessed with pin-ups and all the ladies of that time :)

    BTW, saw your comment on my blog. TOM is an evil bastard that I know but he's not an actual person, lol. It's code for Time of the Month ;)


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