Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 28

The above animation was an Internet Phenomena called "The Blue Ball Factory". The construction was elaborate pasting and making it all interact and made by a user named Andorian in October 2005. It is one of the most viewed gif constructions in Internet history. It was posted on YTMND (you the man now dog) website which has countless user constructed gif animations that have music attached, but being the internet, there is a lot of crude ones that are on there and I would not recommend you going there. Some geeks are just tasteless. Even I dislike weeding through to find cool ones and that is like making Mae West blush.

So tomorrow morning I have my two week weigh in. I also have my fasting Pilates. And if it is nice out, I am taking a cruise on the scooter. I will take pics to share.

Still a problem with the salt. Left overs, but I didn't put soy sauce on it. The bouillon and the sausages and the cheese and the lunch meat all full of salt. I sure like that turkey pastrami, though. It made a flavorful additive to my salad.

Any suggestions? You think that my salt level is gonna be OK? Am I not eating enough and so my body will slow down and it will be harder? (like myfitness pal is saying?) Has this happened to any of you?  Considering my carb intake is like an Atkins induction...what IS the general results on induction? But, also I remember caffeine was suppose to conflict with it?


  1. Salt is more my nemesis these days than sugar or starch. I love me salt. I love soy sauce and salty cheeses and bacon and ham and olives and SALT! I haven't used even low-sodium soy sauce in weeks, but I've been on a feta cheese kick for breakfast this week. Urk. Just when I'm so close to breaking 200 I want me salt.

    TWo week weigh in. Be sure to share. Fasting Pilates. I hope that works great for you. I really find imprinting and rolling back and scooping and all EASIER with no food in there. For sure.

    Happy nitey..

  2. Oh, shoot, forgot about your question. If you are in ketosis/doing induction, then salt intake is not a problem. If anything, low carbers often advise those in induction situations to DRINK BOUILLON so that the body isn't overly depleted. Going low carb gets a lot of water out of the body and you don't wanna get the nasties feeling from that. It should be okay.

    I am not in ketosis. I always eat more than 60 grams of carbs and I never go into ketosis. BUT...increasing salt at induction levels is not inherently bad and can actually make you feel better.

    I do have to watch salt (not induction level, not ketosis, am wanting not to stall and salt does stall me some).

    I say go by how you feel. If you efel bloaty and it shows on the scale, too much salt. If you're losing fine and not feeling lightheaded or headachy, the salt is probably helping. (If you have BP issues, always take readings when you eat salty foods just to make sure that's fine.)

  3. OMG I am sooo glad to have come back before I hit the hay and see your comment, Princess. I was surfing around and stressing only because I did weigh myself two days ago and these two days I actually saw it go up two pounds. I only weighed myself because my daughter who is joining me as a diet partner is dropping it daily. So the two pounds stressed me. I am drinking water and thinking not asleep at 2AM. Then I commented on your blog and the captcha I had to type was "faterus" I started laughing, but also a bit superstitious.
    I am ok now..I reasoned my daughter is 23 and just had a baby (a year ago) that fat is easier than my fat...And I should stick to my program. I would of been happy at 5 lb lost not knowing that two days prior it was a seven pound loss..Tomorrow it might just ping back to a 7 lb loss...if it goes to a 4 lb loss..then I know it is the salt and I will fix it.

    Thank you. :) Good night. I know the next time I read YOUR blog, you will be in the ones...for sure.

  4. i do the low carb thing and though i NEVER use salt i don't actually have to pay attention to it. the caffeine is more likely to interfere but for some it's NOT a problem. dr atkins advises against processed foods and unnatural foods, and caffeine because they are generally bad for you. looks like a pretty good menu to me looking forward to the weigh in!


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