Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 27

Keefer's Landscapes
  •  Pilates hour before breakfast.
  • Got the egg white omelet  to a science.
  • Simple salad for lunch
  • Chicken veggie stew for dinner.
  • The my fitness warning that I am not eating enough.
  • I feel like I am eating a lot of food.
  • The sodium was a problem today.
  • Two week weigh in Wednesday
  • My cousin is getting married on a webcast in Maui tomorrow night.


  1. A webcast wedding? How cool is that. Bruce's oldest eloped in February to Antigua. Too bad they didn't think about this.

  2. At least when you go somewhere exotic to get don't have to go on a is right there!

  3. Good work on your food plan. Love the butterfly pic thing too.

  4. Yeah the pictures are made and shared by a user named Keefer and there are tons of them. They are way mellow. You can follow the link and they are free to use off of Photobucket. Upload them like regular photos anywhere.

  5. oops Bluezy is my other gets schizoid. Bluezy Susie is my nickname since 2001. So you might see me comment as Bluezy here and


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