Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 26

I recently discovered Keefer's Landscapes (above source)
The cool thing about Keefer, he/she/it shares!

My other blog is so eclectic. I have all sorts of things on it from heavy metal to Bach and noisy. Not to mention bizarre stuff I find on the Internet. I call it "Bluezy's Virtual Dumpster Dive" because I pick out of the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet things that a tattooed 53 yr old woman who spent most of her life in the counterculture would like and I use a foul word here and there.

I decided that this blog  will not be a carbon copy of "'Bluezy's" (I play the blues harp since 1975). I took on the handle back in 2001 from formerly the one and only "Princess PMS". I have been online since 1985. Back then, I was calling long distance BBS's (Bulletin Board Services) under that handle and playing "Space Empire Elite", a strategic planetary conquest text game. I chose Princess PMS because when my forces would attack a planet, the other users would get a message saying,
"Princess PMS has conquered two of your planets, etc".
It was a game only on Atari Bulletin Boards, yeah and I had the Atari computer all the way up to their 1K of ram and a 20MB hard drive and a 300 and graduating to a 1200 baud modem. I am sure some of the "old school" dieters remember those days before the world wide web.

So another holiday and wow all about ME-MOM. My daughter is also a MOM, and of course human nature is to be festive with food!  I did OK. Little more carbs, but not over my initial "no more than 50" rule.

I tried not to boast of my initial loss (which I sneak peeked my current weight before my April 11 scheduled). Gotta say, I am quite happy with what the scale said, but will reveal it on my weigh day. Only peeked because daughter has been doing the same as I have since the Intermittent Fasting Pilate low carb decision and has lost 8 pounds in 5 days.

So of course, we were the toast of the barbecue. Now we have an entourage of  two more friends who are big AND TALL women wanting to join in! I mean my daughters friend is 33 and 6 ft 2 and her niece is 26 and 6 ft. So we have these Amazons beauties on our side, too!

We are telling ourselves that we are gonna be an Internet Sensation! Like all the Blog dieters that I have been following and reading! Thank you for sharing so that we can see the results and read of your journeys. I especially am thankful for Jack Sh*t of whom I found via the above "next blog" tab (yep!) and 266 whose progression photos and this video link were so drastic from 266 to 140!  I ran into them months ago and kept thinking 266 and Jack did it, I need to do it and blogging might just do it for me. Unfortunately by the time I got back to 266, she had suffered a tragic personal setback that made me and her followers literally cry. And Princess Dieter for translating her diet speech that post [here] and her photos and joy of spirit. *Please note that 266 and Princess Dieter are having some personal issues that could use a spiritual thought and consideration. Please go there and keep them in your hearts and prayers.

The best present (besides a new outfit that my daughters friend who has adopted me as MOM and vice versa got me) was to be told "you look like you lost some weight"!


  1. Love that picture up top. Absolutely gorgeous. And it's about time you fessed up publicly about who you are! hahahaha.

  2. Two blogs can be almost schizophrenic. LOL

    Well, I was a candidate to be Slim Shady's momma, but considering my parents and catholic guilt...I never went that far. I might of disregarded Eminem being such a crude boy if it paid, but I would not let him act like that in real life.

    A post mother's day thought.


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