Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 25

Free Keefer's Animated landscapes
  • It rained on our garden, so we didn't have to water. 
  • Can hear the Meadowlark all day looking for a mate.
  • Stayed within my eating and IF and workout times,
  • Fine tuning my egg white omlette breakfast.
  • Drinking water.
  • Was another good diet day.

Western Meadowlark song from YouTube

Didn't intend on the calories, carbs and sodium levels to be so low. I ate a lot today. The 8oz smoothy my daughter made was awesome. And only 13 carbs. Salad for dinner was pretty bland. It is past my window so I can't shove something tastier down my throat. LOL

Mozzarella string cheese has less sodium and chicken just a couple of nugs of chicken breast fillet skinless and some spice. It replaced the sausage that was way too salty.

Don't hurt so much to do the beginning Pilates 10 min. We are gonna up the repetitions next workout day.

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