Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 49

These flappers wear their outfits well.

I have a free woman's check up on Thursday. I will have the opportunity of weighing on a doctors scale. I hope it doesn't disappoint me and be different and more than my home one.
I am being especially good today. So far. I am holding on to my water all day long. Spending most of the day regulating the grand kids. I had the 6 yr old pull the stroller out of the shed. It is 68 degrees out here. I am gonna take the kids around when the baby (1yr) wakes from her nap. It starts. Movement and putting on the bra and facing the day. LOL I am looking for my camera or celly and no luck. If my daughter comes home before I go, I will take a couple of pics to add to the blog. Need to mow and weed. To weed not do

The omelet for dinner was not enough. Around a half hour later, I was watching Doctor Who and just went to the fridge took out that pulled pork and put it in the bun. The bun  was small and it was just a spoonful of pork, but now my carbs for the day are way up there. Oh well, tomorrow.


  1. We are mighty fond of pulled pork sans bread. We have it on lettuce "buns"> :)

    THANKS for Goth-kilt Tetsuji. Hee. Made me giggle.

    You know, the Betty Boopsish flapper looks more interesting fat. She may look "right" skinny, but artistically, the curvy one is cooler, imo.

    Take a notebook with your home weight and the doc's weight. You'll know what the difference is. Weigh at home just as you're leaving, so you wear the same stuff, have same bathroom evacuation, etc. Then you'll know the difference.

    My doc and mine are nearly spot on, although I prefer to weigh naked after my morning bathroom duties. :)


  2. Just found your blog. Love your posting style. I have grandbabies too, plus I am a weight loss blogger. I also live in Minnesota which is a hop, skip and a jump from ND. I will be back.


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