Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 50

You know in a perfect dieting world, leaving out all the nutrients lost and possible fiber deprivations, it would not be selfish to ask for a daily loss of 1 pound. One pound, just one pound. Then by now I would have shed 50 pounds. No such luck. I like how Priincess Dieter put my loss amount so far "One quarter of 100"!!

Today if you are government as I am you get what they call the "Eagle has crapped" day (pay day). So I headed out to get a bill or two paid and stopped by Smith's (Kroger). I was just in time for the rotisserie chicken to be coming out. Oh great no need to slave over cooking meat. They just sprinkle it with seasoning, the girl said. So I considered it basically roasted chicken in the My Fitness Plan database.

Shiritaki Stir Fry-Lunch

 The vitamins and Flaxseed Oil pills were way on sale. Flaxseed is for the Omega 3 and I chose it over fish because I am having a hard time enjoying fish after this article I read to help a girl write an ecology essay for her college English [Something Fishy]. Roma tomatoes were 99 cents a lb. I saved 15 bucks total in this purchase. With the Smith card, but my grand babies were playing with my keys and took my card off. The checker called the manager because I had a new card and my phone number didn't get put in yet. They were discussing how to give me the credit and I just thought "F" it and asked the people next in line if they wanted to make some points off me. They did and were so nice. I got a Powerade Zero to replenish my electrolytes. I like the melon (green) one, but they didn't have it, so I got berry. I chose low sodium broth. Preparing myself to be left at home while my daughter goes food shopping, so I made sure I purchased something to make for lunch. Sure enough it is already 3 ish and she is still out and about.

The Shiritaki stir fry lacked something...SALT. So I put a tablespoon of soy sauce in it and defeated my low sodium broth purchase, but it could of been way more sodium for the meal. All those damn Rhodes dinner rolls are gonzo and the eaters are leaving soon

I like the carne asada meat that is sliced for steaks. 1 of them are 7oz. and it makes for easy low carb meal planning. I am using horseradish sauce and Perfect Pinch or Mrs. Dash  with just some mushrooms and green onions. Salad is plain with mayo and the green portion of the green onion  with Prefect Pinch. I bought a scale at K-Mart. Now it is on. I had me measurements wrong all this time. I thought a slice of carne asada meat was 4 oz. No it is not. And I bet the frozen breasts are NOT 4 oz either.
4oz of Asada slice with Romaine Salad-Dinner

I gave the grand babies dollars and promised to take them for a walk to the Country Corner Store which is like walking around my block. Approx a 1/4 mile. The baby is napping and when she is up we will go. The grand babies won't let me forget to take know. Sort of my take a walk coaches. It is a real summer day. Sunny and 80 degrees. I was wearing a long sleeve thermal shirt for my morning scooter ride and had to take it off for a short sleeve! I have that wear sleeves fetish many big people have. I like to wear them and then push them up to my elbows. Oh and black clothes...


  1. Wow, that's one low cal day.

    I can't take fish oil (seafood allergy is way wicked, and I have to carry an epi-pen going on 13.5 years..). I went and got some Omega 3 capsules made from, I dunno, algae I no seafood allergy risk.

    I always look longingly at those roast chickens in supermarkets, but we only eat breast (hubby and I have a gross-out reaction to dark poultry), so the few times I did it, the legs/thighs went to waste. Now, I'll only get em if I have a neighbor who wants dark meat or go to family events and there's lots of dark meat lovers in da house. :)

    Hope you see a pound of manana...


  2. Allergies must be terrible. I heard that a local place here that makes these awesome Crispy beef burritos (basically a fat flauta using a flour tortilla) use anchovies in there to make it salty. There should be a law to make nuts and seafood ingredients warnings on restaurant food.

  3. Yup. Folks can drop dead easily from fish/nut allergies. I remember in the 80s, before the nut stuff was more broadly understood, that people would actually start going into anaphylaxis in Thai Restaurants.

    I had to stop eating my fave Thai Stuff, cause even if the menu says CHICKEN or BEEF, it will likely have FISH sauce....

    Nuts I can do fine. :)


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