Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 51

It is not happening quick enough. I have decided that I want what Almost Gastric Bypass's Allan calls "this crap" off of me. I am not hating on myself, just my fat. So on top of buying the diet food scale now so I can really get an accurate measure of my meats, I am getting off my "crappy" ass and doing some exercise. Walking is easy. The grand babies love it. The stroller is working great. I get to say "hi to all their school friends".  So my "Slimmer For Summer" started as soon as I began walking with the grand kids, two days ago.

Measurements. I am not going there. I am already seeing a big number on the scale (even after the "quarter 100 lb. loss) and to see ultra large numbers to compare to the "Michelen Man" is not good for my esteem. I have to bow out on that portion of  the challenge. I hang on to my esteem by a thread relying a great deal on the rose color glasses I have on in life. I know that I am large. And I know that when I hold the roll just below my belly button and flap it fast enough I can cool off my knees, LOL. And thank goodness for my bra. I am 53 yrs old. I just want to lose weight and try to pause that aging f-ing clock a bit. I am not looking for a bod like Jane Fonda (way older that me)...just a bod that can fit into some regular fashion sizes. I also do not like the term "Morbidly" obese. I want to keep the morbid further on down the road, thank you.

And there is a mean mind flash of a moment to be able to wear these shoes and threaten some Narcissistic fatty hating men with them (just only a flash in my mind).
One thing that is making this older woman happy is to see my daughter peeling it off. She had not recovered from the pregnancy last year. When I was pregnant, I remember how the weight just went down easier the closer you dieted to the birth date. Yep, that is my baby. She came from me. I call this common type of photo these girls do "Bathroom Fashion Poser Shots". They look in the mirror at themselves and try for the glam shot. She is now 196 and aiming towards 145. 

One more thing! My scary scooter butt shot! BOO! LMFAO!
I am seriously having fun. Just reminding myself of my journey to
fit my scooter better as well!


  1. Do the measurements. Ya don't have to post them. Keep a log. Because, TRUST ME ON THIS, when those inches go down on days the scale is stuck, it is amazingly gratifying. It helps tide you until the scale whooshes.'s great to SEE the results. I started at 58-50-60 . If the tape ain't lying, I'm now 46-37-46 (if not bloated, when my waist will up to 38 or 38.5 easy, seems to be where my bloat goes).

    It's nice to subtract and see progress.

    I have had weeks when the scale was reticent, but my tape measure and shorts said, "Baby, something good happened!" :)

    Your daughter is bona fide, beauty-queen lovely. Wow. That face could launch at least 500 ships. :) Helen needs to watch her back.

    Later, Sassy Gal! (And yes, please get mean wicked stilettos to step all over the haters.)

  2. Oh, now you went and got me all riled up for "progress scooter butt shots." Every 10 pounds off, I wanna see one! heh.

  3. I give you so much credit for being honest with yourself out in the open for the world to see. It's got to come off 1 pound at a time. Don't beat yourself if it isn't fast at times. You're doing great.

  4. Definitely need the progress scooter butt shots. Good progress toward your goal. Keep it up!

  5. I was planning on it, until the next snow season at least to do my scooter butt progression photo. My 6 yr old grand son took the pic.

  6. yep we all want scooter but progress shots! that's just hysetrical and kinda wonderful too. no matter how long ti takes just keep it up every little bit is more time with the grandkids now that's some spectacular motivation! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  7. I had that in the back of my mind for a while to do the scooter butt. It IS fun. I am so into this. I weighed myself and it is positive, I am just saving it for the official Sunday weigh in to keep it regular and on schedule. The frustration is with daily weigh ins you have a couple of no show days and then boom like today. I am drinking water and we filled the fridge with diet foods. No more buns to tempt me. Just the generic regular stuff for the kids. There ARE some cookies, gummi bears and chips around, but I look the other way. The kids are benefiting from this because we make sure they get protein and veggies as well. They have cereal for their grains and bread for their sandwiches...Got them fruit as well.


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