Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 52

Regarding my Shiritaki experimentation:
Initially, I was just stir frying or sauteé-ing the veggies and meat mix and putting in the noodles after rinsing them in hot water. The had only texture and no flavor. I chopped up too much for my breakfast eggs yesterday morning, so I put it in a bowl, added the liquid and the noodles and set it in the fridge until dinner. Oh yea it came out great. I think the ginger did the trick for me. So last night, I put some in a ziploc with a half cup of low sodium broth, soy sauce, teaspoon of ginger and Mrs. Dash Onion and Herb no salt. Actually in retrospect a 1/4 tsp of ginger suffices. It was a bit ultra spicy.

The grand babies wanted in on the Pilates this morning. My little chubby 4 and a half year old grand daughter is fierce on it.When I told her I had to do my Pilates, she ran to get the water bottles for the arm exercises. I just let her play along.  Don't be thinking that I am the grandma exercise enforcer on a little girlie. She is just having fun. It is great to have company. I played a game with my 6 yr old grandson with the bottles. I asked him to hold them out and see how long he can hold them out like that. He was surprised that after a bit he could feel it being heavy! I am so happy that the exercise is fun time. I kept at it for more repetitions. The video I am watching is condensed version of beginning Pilates. I just pause it at each position and repeat 10 to 15 times. I couldn't do the whole 100's move I went to 80 with a pause at 45. It is sort of half-assed, but I am doing them and feeling great,

I am extending our walk and then going to where the horsies graze with a couple of apples.  The kids will think they are for snacking and then when we get there, they will be surprised that the horsies like em.  I hope.

Weigh in on Sunday Morning.


  1. love how your grandbabies get involved with the exercise! My 2 1/2 year old loves to "exercise" too! I think it's a good way of getting them in the habit, without forcing it.

  2. That sounds like lots of fun with the grandchildren. I only have 1; she's 20 and lives in NY.

  3. Hello lovely lady! Your blog is quickly becoming a fav of mine so I have given you the Adorable Blog Award over at my place. Feel free to come "pick it up" anytime! :) Thanks for being here!

  4. My daycare kids will do Wii Fit or the Wii Zumba with me and it's so fun watching them do the moves or games. Nice example for them, keep it up!

  5. I played Red Sword I think the name is with Wii and loved it. I have a 60 inch wide projection TV in my room that needs fixing and want to get the Wii or Kinetic set up with it. It will be awesome. I also like the tennis, bowling and golf with Wii. Later on, I will do the DDR when I can pound on my feet lighter.


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