Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 48

Yippy Kayay! By September this year at the latest, we are going to move from Ideeho all the way up North in the North Dakota! The company that my son in law works for is an Oil company and there is a real big boom up there in Minot.

I ran into a couple of  "Urban Dictionary" referrals:

  1. Minot is in very NORTH central ND and is full of cracked out injuns and other welfare sucking people who are too lazy to get a real job. It is one of the nastiest, dirtiest, HILLY, quazi-cities I've been in. If minot were a color it would be grey, or diarrhea green. I wouldn't call em hillbillies, I'd call em more like oil rig cast offs looking for loose cheap whores and something to kill the pain of being for a while.
  2. Minot, ND is a rural town where everyone knows everyone's business, Walmart is the highlight of a Saturday afternoon, while at night it turns into bar on goings. Then there are the fat and fugly wanna be farm girls and guys who think that they are all that. This town needs to improve there vocabulary very badly. Everyone drinks alcohol like its water, they hang out at bars trying to get drunk enough to find an easy one. If you don't like to drink, find any strange at bars and work in the restaurant/hospitality industry, MOVE! save up your money if you can and become a refugee from Minot, ND. Get out of Minot, ND if you can.
OK it has a WalMart. And I am a believer that Home is where the heart is, so my heart is with my grand babies and I am going with them.

I remember being in a hokie cold northern town in Montana and they had an indoor olympic sized pool with jacuzzi that you could get season membership for, so I looked up Minot.  48 person Jacuzzi and 3 HUGE water slides. Exercise & Lap Pool, Activity, 4 Extra Kiddie Play Features, 3 Huge Indoor Slides, 2 Additional Kiddie Slides - Hell yah!  Splashdown Indoor Waterpark!!! A little pricey. 10 bucks a day per person, but there might be company or USAF coupons.

I am also a retired veteran's widow and there is Minot AFB and this is what I also found:
Minot Air Base offer services that often include exercise, yoga, kick boxing, swimming, sauna, pool, weights, and personal training. Talk to the staff at Minot Air Base for information about reaching your fitness goals in Minot AFB, ND.
I have all the paperwork to get my Air Force retired wife ID if they exist, I need to call them. I know how to talk in USAF acronyms so it will help.

I am so frakkin optimistic with my dieting and this move. Anywhere I go, I will have no problem.

If you are not familiar with "The Urban Dictionary", anybody can put a definition into it. Some are really funny.
I looked up my name and here is what I got:
  1. Susan's tend to be wonderful girls! If you've got one hold on tight! Susan's are extremely fun, caring, intelligent, very funny, beautiful, and make the best friends and girlfriends ever! They are the epitome of classyness! Did you see Susan today? She looks beautiful!I love Susan!I wish I had Susan! 
  2. The female state of arousal. A girl-boner. Most commonly described as "massive". A really great susan is a "suzanne" and a little (but pleasant nonetheless) susan is a "sue"."Reading the sex scenes in 'The Valley of the Horses' gave Christine a susan"
  3. If you have a Susan, you are one lucky character! Susans are generally smart, musical, and generous. Never take advantage of a Susan; they also bite. Unless provoked, a Susan can make a great companion!
  4. A codename used by men to describe girls with big saggy boobs reaching their bellies. Word was coined from the phrase 'suso hanggang tyan'. Thus, the combination of the 2 words to make it shorter. Sus+an = SUSAN Pare, tingnan mo sa kaliwa, Susan!
Look yours up! You will get a kick out of your name I am sure.

I will weigh in on the Sunday prior to the 6th beginning the "Slimmer For Summer" challenge.

And I had to edit this list because at 9:20 PM I looked at that pulled bbq pork and the rolls and said I gotta have one. It increased my carbs to 43, but you see my calories for the day barely over 1000. Let me hope that saved me. I was going to have another, grandson of 6 is the "carve" police now. He chased me a bit and I had to give it up to him. LOL


  1. good luck with the move hon, i'm sure you'll be in "fightin" shape by then! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Whatever you need to do to get a military ID card, go do it first thing. You will be able to shop in the commissary and base exchange where you can save big money on food, clothing, and things. It might be a hassle if you have to stop each time for a visitor's pass at the gate if you don't own a car, but you can find out about that too. Usually Air Force bases have great pools and facilities for their people. At least they did in the olden days.

  3. Oh, a move. I have not moved away from a state sinc 1974 (NY to FL). I find it kinda scary, but there is that exciting thread.

    I hope you take pics of North Dakota and show us. I doubt most Americans even really THiNK about N.D., except for seeing FARGO or reading about Lakota Indians in category romance novels (I totally followed contempo Indian romances for a spell in the 80s/early 90s, it was phase).

    You can give us a peep into a less well-known state. :)


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