Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making a Path to Zen Mojo.

Back to my old format. Along with the phone notifications to those I subscribe to, this worked for me last year. And it is the time of year mentally where I began my drive to lose. I am going to mimic more or less what I did last year. Oh it is actually a page tab...The weather is awesome and a community park with a course for walker/jogger/runners. There is family discount day at the Aquatic once a week we will be swimming.

Is it me or something mental, but again I say the Before is in my mind normal and beautiful. A Renaissance figure?  Why do we mess with our heads so much on our big body image? The before pic is actually on the border of the high side of Onederland I would imagine.

Someone bought ruby red grapefruits thinking they were oranges. Duh. Well, I will be eating at least a half or one a day in this pre-diet. I usually rely on eggs to fill my need to eat big urge. An omelet in the morning, but theses guys did not really buy many eggs and a lot went towards the egg hunt this Sunday. I did make egg salad which categorizes in the low carb way. Lunch filled me fine.  I need to maintain my mojo for dinner. I imagine I will eat a piece of what ever meat they decide to cook and ask them to leave one unseasoned (they really abuse salt our friends do). I do have my food scale. too!

Bloggie love!


  1. I love ruby red gf. I like to have a half with breakfast. The ones the weeks prior were magnificent. To die for good. This week: meh. Not so great. I still ate it. ; )

    The before kinda looks like me. hahahah She's not obese, just overweight, ya know.

    anyway, find the zen mojo , dollcakes. Find it!!!!

  2. at this point... I'd be happy to be the size of either of those models. :)

    Welcome back to idaho. You're going to find your motivation... There are so many great outdoor activities to participate in. Find one you love and stick to it. :)

  3. I always find my motivation is better at this time of year, or a least, its a lot worse during the winter months! Always good to make a fresh start in the spring...spring-cleaning, for the soul!


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