Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have arrived!

So I misplaced or tossed my graphic pen and mouse for my tablet...I use the pen to smear my pics or paint them fatter. It is crude and simple, but makes me feel my blog has a theme of

Today I really was strong. It made up for yesterday's later for supper politeness eating an awesome oriental meal with some fried rice (all homemade). I just didn't want to be an anal dieter and piss off all the eaters. I enjoyed the taste, but felt bad for again putting off my plan. Yep, today I ate the right amount of carbs. I was below my goal calories and I drank enough water. 

I had a pow wow and told everybody that I need to continue what I started. I have a blog with so many friendly supporters that I appreciate. I can't just up and go away. And if I am here...duh...this blog is my weight loss journey and it has not ended. I then proceeded to share my blog and blogs I follow. They all understand and will not try to come home with that happy hour bogo frappe or feel bad eating brownies ala mode with hot caramel sauce. As I watched 4 people nomming down on those, I realized that I have my MOJO back. 

I also biked around today in the park and neighborhood. I did about 4 miles of riding.

I feel like I have arrived to that mode I had in the beginning. I also found a food (processed but yummy) that is low carb. Turkey Italian Meatballs 3 of them only have 5 carbs. It satisfied the naughty because it comes out of a bag.

I appreciate all the support and the weight loss blog community. I am here to DO IT!

Bloggie love!


  1. I'm so glad you told them what YOU need to do. And may they respect your journey and help you!!!

    Keep at it, babycakes!

  2. I am glad you aren't going anywhere! You seem focused again and you can do this!!!
    I love the new look blog, usually I read your posts via google reader so haven't been here in a little while :)

  3. Glad you stopped by my blog, and I'm so glad to be reading yours. Sounds like you're strong and on the right track! I'll be back!


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