Friday, April 13, 2012

Going Swimming!

So Friday is family day at the aquatic center just up the road...Apparently they let you bring a bunch for a mega discount. So we are going to invade! I have a hand-me-down swimsuit. Last year I swam in a shirt and shorts in our doughboy like pool and the lake.

I took the picture before I tried it on. It is like packing it with a tree trunk. OMG but I am going. Maybe someone else has a bigger size...This one is snug. But then in the water it will loosen up. I am so going to wear an over shirt. Out of 5 BBW (big beautiful women) there is only one who weighs less than me. Yet the 3 above me are tall. This is something THEY do. We were invited. They have no mental issues with it. I am not going to be the bummer beOtch and talk much about weight and that annoying roll I just manhandled into that sucker.

I was again strong today. Put all that I ate in "My Fitness Pal" diary. Calories less than goal. Water on it. I spent the whole day mostly cleaning, cooking and did a couple of rounds of diaper changing and gave 4 babies 2 and under baths. I made soft oatmeal cookies. Let the older kids roll some dough and make a pan. I served them up and did not eat a one. My carbs were on target! When I was feeling a bit hungry, I picked up my cell phone and went blog reading.


Bloggie love!


  1. hey lady! What size suit do you wear? I think I have a 26 that I'm just about done using (my swim class is over).

  2. not sure this one is a 1xl and states no size. I can actually wear it, but being that I usually wear shorts the snugness is not majorly uncomfortable. I know when the time comes for us to get ready, one out of 5 bbw's will have one. Thanks anyways.


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