Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weigh in

I went swimming. I wussed out on the bathing suit. I wore sport shorts and a stretchy fabric shirt. The two hours I was there, I made sure I was in constant movement. I did some laps, treading when I was in one spot socializing. I jumped off the low board, but did not have the balls to do the high board. Incredibly, I am not sore. I need to find a swimsuit that I am happy with when funds avail. It feels oh so nice to shop and give one a reward that way.

I have been able to maintain my weight plus or minus 5 since my mile mark of 51 lbs lost. It has been 5 months not really pushing for it. I have a long weigh to go to be an Internet sensation like those I follow who have lost so so much. I do want to be in Onederland AND have my ticker read 100 plus lost.

I need to step up on the toning. Once a week swimming and 3 days a week or more biking is more than I have been doing. I was walking no more than 1 mile daily, yet moving around the house chasing after toddlers and elementary kids and the household duties involved. The swimming will be good for all body. Yet I need strength and I am so impressed with the transformation Princess Dieter has with her 121 lb loss and the Pilates combination. She is curvy and tight for a contemporary of mine. I will not run like others I is just not something I enjoy. I guess though if I could run...I would be impressed as I am of those who chose that form of exercise.

The future is bright and so is the sun. I have a running/jogging path a hand throw away. The park is full of life. People playing soccer and soft/hard ball. I have my fully charged phone and tunes. It is all good!

So lot's going on here. With 3 beauty schoolers  they are all doo-ing up and painting the faces for a glam photo shoot in the back yard. One friend is getting his hair buzzed. Hoss is stenciling a tattoo to be later started sometime today on the buzz hair friend. There is tamale meat in the fridge waiting for a group rolling. I need to possibly hold off a little pile for me that is not to be rolled. The kids are all playing outside. The weather is wonderful about 60 degrees and we are all wearing shorts lol.I had a wonderful low carb lunch. Hydrating. It is definitely all good.

Bloggie Love!!!


  1. Sounds like you are having a good week Bluezy! Keep going :D

  2. Just keep moving your body. Enjoy the nice weather and get out there and move with the rest of them. And good for you for doing so well with the food!

  3. Running isn't for everyone. I think the trick to exercise is to find something you really enjoy doing - walking, running, dancing, Zumba, workout videos, gym machines, whatever! It always goes much better when you feel like you're doing something because you're interested, not obligated.


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