Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sunday and yet another get together. This time BBQ. The food odors are rising into my room making me hungry. All the first wave of tamales got nommed down last night, but there is masa left and the boiling meat is really smelling good.  There will be another rollathon, but this will be to freeze.

The blonde is Amanda my daughters BFF. My daughter is to her right. They both got styled by the red head sister Christine who is almost graduated from beauty college. Christine also went to art school in Seattle. She is very talented. They took glam shots in a Rockabilly style. Christine is also a talented self taught photographer and does weddings and projects. I will share the professional photos when she is done proofing them, but her computer is acting up.

This is a shopped celly pic They are gorgeous retro beauties!

I like these girls a whole lot. Each of us are 10 yrs in age between us starting with my daughter 23, 33, 43, and eh I am 44 er I mean 54. LOL I really am in a happy loving place. I dig it. The kids all get along and living on a cul de sac near a park makes it so safe and easy. Amanda towers over us at 6' 2" and I call her my Amazon daughter. They all plan on joining the weight loss journey in May. Yet they are all happy and confident BBW's.

The BBQ is a no no all the way around for me. They took tons of chicken and marinaded it with soy sauce. 3 cups or more of brown sugar and seasoning. I almost was gonna just eat the meat, but got my strength in and prepared me a couple of chicken breasts with my salt free spices that I can dip in my low carb hot fry sauce concoction.

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  1. excellent choices! I'm so proud of you! Difficult situation, but you maneuvered through it! The girls are lovely. And you guys seem like so much fun.

    It may take me a little bit to get up to I.F. I work through the week and don't have a car. But I'm trying to swing something with a friend (take the bus up, stay with her, play while she works the weekend).

    Feel free to text or whatever and we can figure out a lunch date or go take a stroll by the river. 801-497-1142


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