Monday, April 16, 2012

Nekedness Of The Beholder.

This is one of my favorite ones of my last year's "Profane The Flapper" photo manipulation project for the blog. Just to explain again:  I started getting obsessed with my photoshop clone and liked to produce manipulations and animated gif's since 2009. I started this blog last year on April 13 (oh I missed posting about my blogaversary)! Yay!!!

I remember watching the movie "American Beauty" when it came out a while back. I could relate to Kevin Spacey. I think I started doing what he did in 2009. In the movie, he quit his job and got a job at a fast food restaurant. He also started working out. His explanation to the exercise was "I WANT TO LOOK BETTER NEKED".

I up and quit my job and moved to the beach. I had started a vlog to motivate my walking the beach called "High Times at Low Tide". It was just a video slide show of beach shots. I would collect a small amount of drift wood and anything else I would find, I would take a celly pic of. Go home and compile the pics with choice songs I liked. It lasted about 2-3 months. I went to Seattle and my full sized Bronco ran over me. LOL. Just around Thanksgiving so I called my Idaho daughter and sang "Grandma got runned over by her Bronco". The surgery took awesomely. I don't even feel like it happened when I walk. I will set off some Airport security metal detectors...maybe. I also have a big ol' shark bite scar on me arse. LOL. I always think about the team of bone surgeons saying "We are the best in the nation" and Grey's Anatomy. There was one young one that if I were young I would think would be sort of a Dr. McDreamy. LOL

As far as looking good surely could have it's perks...BUT looking good neked is totally subjective. I Googled  "famous fat nude paintings" and was captivated by the following one by Renoir dated 1876. It is big maybe to today's unreal anorexic standard or not very toned for the healthy work out standard.. but how could that even be categorized "fat"? LOL Seriously? The picture led me to a blog named "Manolo for the Big Girl" (not really a weight journey blog)  that has a series of posts with pics of  "Big Girls In Art". It made me want to start a new project with a few skinny famous nudes and make Before and Afters of them. Look for it soon!

I believe  the heart is connected to the eyes...and not some brainwashed societal stigma...screw those simpletons that bash on big people. I actually feel sorry for people like that. They obviously will hate themselves if they grow old or incapacitated or just plain cozy fat. Or will they dump their mates if they do not meet the superficial standards they have in their lack-of-reality hearts? So sad. So sad.

Keeping my mind on my journey and my journey on my mind!

Bloggie Love!

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