Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Weigh In

I altered this, but would it not make an awesome tattoo? On the forearm or upper arm...hmm.

I am sorry that I have not been on since Monday. It has been a really busy week here. Gotta tell you that I am really loving this living situation. There is always something to do. I have been very active. Life is good and all work around the house is accompanied by select channels on Slacker attaching my phone to an Ipod dock speaker set. I am on my feet on and off, lifting babies, cooking, raking, doing lots of chores.

I missed taking my g-babies to school like I did in Vegas. I elected to get the kids to ride the bikes to school instead of the bus. I have no idea why they bus kids that live less than a half a mile from school anyways. There is one ONE busy street (as busy goes here in this city). It has a light. I guess the bus driver is happy to have a job, but with the price of fuel...hmmm. I just don't get it. Oh maybe because of the snow. Let me not get into when I was a kid going to school in the snow stories. LOL! It is just the perfect little ride for me. I get to go in the morning and then take the afternoon kindergartener as well. They all come home together with me! It is fun. There is a short hill that I have to battle coming and going with my beach cruiser. I stand and pump, but just as I am going to make it, I stall. I am excited about this. It is a goal to for me to do it regularly until I make it. I can't wait until I can do it with ease. I used to be "the bomb" bike rider for years. I could ride no hands and all...So chasing the g-babies is the best!

I imagine life lighter on my feet. I imagine how I will be able to just leap up and jump off. I am in the zone mojo wise. It is going to happen. Onederland is in my sights. I WILL FIND IT.

3 lb loss baby! Finally lost the weight I gained.

Bloggie love!


  1. Congrats on the 3 pounds lost, Bluezy. That is a great loss. I think it is great that you are getting your exercise in by riding your grandchildren to school on bikes rather than the bus. I always hated riding the bus. We lived in a rural area though and it was a long way to walk home. Hang in there and enjoy the weekend.:)

  2. I've been reading here and there just not commenting. So happy for you and glad you're "in the zone, baby"!! Keep it up. You are awesome!

  3. Congratulations! That is an awesome loss. Sounds like life is good!

  4. Good loss! Yes, Onederland is yours for the taking - best wishes!


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