Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Update

Cecil Beaton 1935 Vogue on right Left "Profaned" Version
When I alter art and such, I call it a "Profane The Art Project". This is really a lovely vintage magazine cover that if I had the original...I would frame it and cherish it and leave it to my grand children. I am sure it would be worth a few pennies considering the artist. I would love to also have maybe some of Beaton's original photography.

I have made it up the incline most times now. It makes me feel better knowing the kids stall at the top sometimes as well. The key was to start pumping standing 30 ft before you hit the dirt. Today the wind is 30 mph and it is a cold spring fresh wind. This is the back way from our house to the park. On the other side there is a .7 mile jogging course. I had to wait to take a pic because a group of walkers were just at the big tree and wondering why I was aiming my celly at them. LOL

Mojo is still strong. The added activity in the cool air has increased my appetite. I have been strong and snack on low if not zero carb. This is coming from a woman who cooked about 300 cookies last month. Oh that was hard. Yet I did eat one after weigh in. Then I saw the Magnum ice cream bar commercial. TV  commercials are evil! LOL It was new food AND ice cream with caramel! I will eat one in a month or two when I take a day pause from it...we will see.

All women in the house are now low carbing! Hoping we all continue together on this!

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  1. Wow, sounds like you're doing a fantastic job! I remember when I first got on a bike after YEARS and YEARS. First I wasn't sure I could ride it without falling off and second- IT KILLED MY LEGS! LOL Never had those problems when I was a kid. :)

  2. The wind lately has been KILLER. I'm glad you're hitting the work outs though! are you feeling stronger?

  3. Magnum ice cream? (going to have to look that one up!)

    Looks like you're really doing well. We had a hill like that growing up, all of us used to try to bike up it, most of us were NOT successful :)

  4. Everyone in the house is low carbing now?? That's fantastic, just to have the support and be doing it together!

    Yay for strong mojo!


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