Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wednesday we had a big get together. All the food was Asian. All I could eat was the broccoli beef and I did try some of the Panko fried chicken.  I passed on the Fried Rice and Lo Mein. Asian food has lots of salt and some hidden carbs in the marinade.  I will expect some water retention, but I am keeping a watchful eye on my hydration. I need to drink 120 ounces a day.  I have been more like 64-80 ounces this week.

The thing is that I caved in on the Oreo Birthday cookies. In two days I have had 4 cookies. They were on sale at Sam's Club. $2.71 for a box that contained 3 packages of cookies. The box contained one Birthday recipe and two regular recipe Oreos.  I did really good on not grabbing the whole package and dunking them to make them soft and melt in my mouth.

My diet buddies postponed due to the get together. They admitted while guzzling soda and later nomming down on a whole package of Oreos that they were getting their carb on because Thursday starts the group with low carbs.  Having already started, I was mindful of my weigh in on Saturday.

Again I am thankful to Loretta from Loretta's Journey for the Atkins Revolution. It has cleared me up on some things. I am trying to read the majority of it. Loretta lost 11 lbs in the month of April not counting calories and doing low carb. 

Can't sleep. Had two cups of coffee past 10 pm it is nearly 3 am OMG and I get up at 7 AM.

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