Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

Last Piece by *DestinyBlue on deviantART
If tears left scars... by *DestinyBlue on deviantART

I always like to have a picture starting my post. I was browsing and found these. It might seem sad...but it is the nature of Anime to take toonies and make them serious! I need to catch up and start following some more Anime. So much out there! I was stoked that Nickelodeon started a new Avatar series! Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I actually got emotional not to give it away if you have not seen it. I get that way with all sorts of TV and movies. They really don't tell you who this character is at first and being that I had seen the first series and the character's clothes were Water Nation...I guessed. Time passed and now a new Avatar that is a girl! Girl Power!

My emotions have never been better. We have two families living in a large nice neighborhood house. The saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is literally going on here. I represent the elder. Grandma. Yes and they love me. We have 2 living rooms one for the kids (which we mostly hang in if not the attached porch) and to get them from one room to the other (dining and bathing and bedrooms) we have to help them over. It is like giggling (or whining) little kettle weights! I am not stressing if I don't go out to do exercise because there is a lot of activity just being home.  We live in a location where a lot is accessible via bike, so that will be maybe in the future. So far it is the local park and weekend we will bike to the zoo park which is just over a major road and maybe 1.5 miles away if that even. So yeah life is good. I have no emotional binging issues.

Amazon Amanda (because she is 6"2 and as royal as they come) adopted a boy and a few months later, she became pregnant with twins! It is a lot of work to chase around with all these toddlers! It is so good that there are all of us here! The cooking, cleaning, and all are major chores. We are a semi Samoan tribe here.

Amanda and her Samoan hubby DJ Uso wearing traditional Samoa stuff.

 I am on it today. Calories and (gulp) water! Notice my sidebar has a weight loss list. I enter the next weigh in date and leave it empty. It reminds me that I have a list and I want it to gradually go down! It helps motivate.

Bloggie love!


  1. YES! You are integrating tools into your life that will help you recognize patterns and keep yourself on track.

    It is so great that now you've moved things seem to be so positive emotionally. How could it be bad with all those kiddos! heh.

    Daughter really is an amazon. 6'2"... that's amazing. She must have a hard time finding pants.

  2. Beautiful babies! You are indeed fortunate to have them close. Nice work holding steady with eating and nutrition. Stays strong!

  3. I love family homes. I would except that as my next role in life. I wouldn't mind it one little bit.
    The wee ones look so happy and your daughter and hubby, wonderful.
    Glad things are looking up and going great.
    Take care and have a blessed day!!

  4. One foot in front of the other.... Right?

    List making is fun, keep filling in your sidebar with smaller and smaller numbers! :)


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