Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hump Day ramble

Ok, so I am browsing the famous nude art looking for big girls...Here and there mostly. Renoir liked to paint young and a bit chubby, but not even fat girls after bathing...Then it struck me where is the cellulite? Would the artists exclude it? Is it a modern society thing brought on by Coke, Pepsi and Koolaid by the trough?  Do I have too much time to think? LOL Well taint thanking bout FOOD!

This one is really tasteful by Gustav Klimt done in 1902 called The Goldfish...I went to a gallery website. OMG I really love his style. The Klimt Collection go there and enjoy!

I got over my hand in the bag thing with the chicarrones. I ate a good breakfast of eggs and bacon. I repeated that when one of the kids did not want their already prepared dish and saved it for lunch. Already drank 64 ounces of H2O. Planning on a salad for dinner.

It is sunny and snow free here. It is 56 degrees out, but the wind is chilly. I WILL be riding my bike in a bit. Going to Albertsons to pick up some bell peppers. That will be less than 2 miles.

EDIT IN AT 2:30 pm:
Butter was only 99 cents for a 4 pack package at Albertsons. If you shop around and have their card, you can save big time, but I prefer the WalMart, Sam's Club and Winco shopping we do. Sam's Club is just a 1/2 mile further. The Albertson's checker hooked me up on this Real California Milk coupon.The discount on the butter is good until the 23rd and each coupon is per ITEM not purchase, so butter would be 44 cents! Oh yeah!

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  1. Love Klimt! I remember walking into a restaurant years ago and feeling like I'd walked into Klimt, the way it was decorated...

    As I recall, Rubens showed cellulite. :D Here's an example.
    I think, in general, like photography today, painters wanted to increase the smooth look of skin (photoshop precursor) a glowing, smooth swath would be more aesthetic than crinkles, bumps, cottage cheese, wrinkles, etc. Youthful firm skin has always been valued, always will be.

    Happy hump day..with art!


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