Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 124

Integra Hellsing before and after...from the Anime Hellsing. It is pretty violent and graphic...not ruined with hints of light hentai. Some anime just ruins it for me when they get all booby showy and panty flashy...Integra Hellsing inherits the Hellsing Organization that exterminates vampires. Their chief agent is master vampire named Alucard who in the first episode mercifully saves a dying zealous police officer (Seras Victoria) from death by turning her. The anime has deep emotional and graphic content.

StS Update:

Still recovering and using it as an excuse to not be on my diet best.
Right now I am tracking my pain meds and vegging to Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix. It is amazing how many episodes I missed when it was running on TV. This time I am doing it in order. Also gonna catch up on True Blood and Drop Dead Diva...Any other ideas of what can keep me entertained as I sit and heal?
ouch just sneezed!


  1. Hellsing is way cool!

    Heal, baby, heal. And be good to yourself, foodwise.

  2. Hope you are healing quickly! Watch out for those sneezes!

    I saw the picture of the baby- so pretty!

  3. The Dick Van Dyke show is on, Wings is on, and a few other old classic TV shows. There's a bunch of old classics on there too. I love Netflix.

  4. Just trying to catch up on my favorite blogs, and here you went and got yourself banged up while I was busy. Sorry you are still hurting, and I hope you will be back in action soon.

  5. I never thought that I would be such a dare damsel in my 50's. I am taking it like a trooper, yet I had my emotional to feed...I believe it is over..Cracked ribs rely on anti inflammatory pain killers and time about 4-8 weeks to heal. If I just fudge the diet in my self misery...not only will it aggravate the swelling and slow down my healing process...but it is such a cop out. I am working this out in my mind. I felt good on my diet. I need to feel good, so diet it is. Eating healthy.

  6. BB: I got Netflix years ago...but now it is so much better. Too bad I did not invest in the stock...but then again I never played the stock market.

  7. Netflix was my first reward on my weight loss journey, I hit it a week or so ago and have been loving it. I had it before, but cancelled my subscription due to being poor during grad school. Feel better soon!

  8. Missed you while I was not blogging! Where did you go? Hope you are healing up quickly.

  9. Girl, ya need to update and let us know how the healing is progressing. Come on. Touch base. :)

    I'm getting to like Fat Integra. She seems more...threatening. hahah Like she can REALLY sit or stomp on ya and make ya hurt. Yeah!

  10. Ouch! I guess I missed the post on how you got road rash.

    If you want to join another challenge after STS, I'm starting one that can be based on any goal you have, not only weight loss. so if you want to check it out, just come here:


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