Thursday, August 25, 2011


I dunno...but if you have seen the news above and maybe thought of my blog logo...(as I did when I was in the emergency room yeah ER baby that is my place lately). I developed an infection on my ankle road rash that is laced in golden medical bills...they gave me drugs to make me not think about it that much. LOL.

I am sorry to have just kept you all hanging. I had no idea that my Slimmer this Summer would mean my wallet lol. Ever since this has happened, I just kinda rested and watched a lot of movies. Now I am going to the hospital daily to have intravenous antibiotic infusion for the next seven days. I need to keep my leg elevated and wrapped. Good news is that the rib ain't so bad now....I can laugh with out hurting.

And when I saw this news it made me wonder. A person writes a book and people actually THINK of boycotts and banning? in America?  It could be worse it could be a pedophile educational storybook (watch that come out next month) of "Uncle Chester Buys A Video Cam". LOL LOL LOL

I think of you bloggies daily and often, I hope you know it!


  1. OMG so sorry about all that is happening to you. Thank goodness for pain meds right?lol.. Take care sending prayers your way!

  2. Bluezy-Babe, so sorry you're ailing and the wallet is bleeding and the fricken infection needs IVs. Sucks. Please eat healthfully (lots of veggies, colorful fruit, protein), so your body can repair. Lots of high vitamin foods!

    As a former journalism major, an English major, a reader, and an American, I am not big into censoring speech.

    I am of the opinion that a book about someone going on a diet--even a kid--is not a big deal. In fact, maybe it will help some kid. It's not like kids today aren't so dumb as to not know they're fat or what diets are.

    I would worry about Peter the Perky Pedophile's Adventures in Nursery School or How to Be A Sexy Toddler. Yeah, that kinda book I might go steal and burn. ; )

    The answer to a book is another book. For those who think this one sucks, recommend others or WRITE SOME. Freedom means freedom to speak and write, including everyone's right to rebuttal in kind. Speech with speech. Book with Book. Song with Song. Sermon with Sermon Dance with Dance. Film with Film. You answer in kind. I have no problem with boycotting (ie, you don't buy it, maybe convince others to not buy it, as that is freedom of speech), but I do think the book has a right to be published and people have a right to decide if THEIR kid gets to read it or not.

    The whole reason for Freedom of the press and speech is to protect annoying, offensive, contrary ideas, not the safe ones. :D Right?


  3. I sure wouldn't buy that book for a little girl.

    Wow, you sure are having a run of unfortunate health issues lately. Don't forget some probiotics to rebuild the good flora in your digestive tract. Even yogurt with active cultures is some help. I'm sure you will be better very soon!

  4. Hope you feel better soon.

    As far as the book goes, I think that we havethe right to Boycott it. That doesn't keep it from being sold, or read. I can see both sides of the story with this book. I really think all in all it is a bad idea. But since we live in America, someone else may want to read it, it jsut wouldn't be somthing I'd bring home. Interesting though!

  5. OH NO, that doesn't sound fun at all! I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope you recovery will be very speedy and very cheap money-wise :)


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