Monday, August 29, 2011

Slimmer This Summer

Winry loves Edward Elric who is "The Full Metal Alchemist". She lives in the home town of the Elric brother's tragedy where Edward tried to use Alchemy to bring his mother back to life only to lose his arm and leg and the body of his little brother Alphonse. Alphonse ends up occupying a giant armor. Winry does the mechanical repair on Edward's metal prosthesis leg and arm. It was a very deep and different kind of animation and one of my first exposures to Anime.

It figures that I am a day late on the date. I just thought since weigh in's were on Monday...I got up to see my grandson get all dressed up for his first day in 1st grade. Did my morning bathroom thing...and then got on the scale. I have no idea where the camera went...and these days I am a bit slow and not in the mood to dig around. Suffice it that I did my little before and after pic.

254.8 is the number. A 14 lb loss for the StS final.

I sort of stopped the challenge when I got emotional and then had my accident...
I am happy and thankful that the challenge got me going and the set back was not major. It gives me confidence that maintenance will be not that hard.

Yet I need to get back to serious tracking and dealing with this all as I had planned.


  1. Congratulations on loosing 14 lb! That is very good, especially considering you accident and all!

  2. You are awesome, lady. I love getting your comments in spanish and try to figure them out. That is a goal that I need to give more attention. How else am I going to go snag me up a man in Cabo on vacation when I get skinny? Lol. Keep up the good work, keep striving for your goals. You rock!

  3. Babe, you had a 14 lb loss , that's progress. You had a big accident, which would set many a gal back....and so you get back on the scooter, er, I mean, horse, about back ON the path as the better metaphor for now. You make more progress. Bit by bit, it adds up, and you look in the mirror one day and go, "Oh, so it did get easier and Im back to looking like mySELF." :)

    Wishing you continued healing and fatbusting.

    And Winry is wonderful. Well, Fullmetal Alchemist will always be cool. Good English voice cast, too. I am used to watching in Japanese with subtitles, and often don't like the dub work, but this one has top-notch dub work. Hope folks out there try it. The Elric brothers make a very touching team...

  4. Well, now we need a good name for an autumn challenge. I'm thinking that Sept. 1 is a good kick-off day for my next big weight loss surge, but I need a snappy name for it. Autumn Attitude and Weight Adjustment?

    Glad you are doing better. I'm not. Need to get going this week.

  5. Ooo! Oo! I got one Marliee!! How about Autumn Ass Alterations???

  6. You've done a great job, especially with all you've had to deal with! Love the before & after pics you always include in your blogs:-)

  7. fabulous, congrats on the weight loss 14 pounds is WONDERFUL!

  8. Congrats on losing a stone! Just to let you know, your site is setting off a malware alert from google? You may want to get it checked out.


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