Friday, September 2, 2011

I will recount my days and figure this out...

Fuu is the main female character in the Anime Samurai Champloo. It made me happy and sad.  On a journey to find the Sunflower Samurai...a last memory of her father leaving her...

it seems that many of the episodes they were always looking for food. It made me want to eat one of those doughy round things...that are called Nikumanju.  I seems that Fuu and her two samurai companions would always get some when they ate.

Livestrong website has a recipe on how to make it...[here]

About website has a recipe as well [here]

I found the nutritional info on fat secret [here]

So the household was vacated of all the inlaw visitors and life is back to my immediates. Hooray.
I am starting back on plan on Monday.  All  my ailments have improved and I think that focus on the plan is in order.

Hoping you all enjoy your holiday weekend.


  1. Glad you're doing better!

    Those little dumplings reminded me of my love for moon cake. want moon cake!

  2. Oh my, if those dumplings are the ones I think they are, I love, love, LOVE them! :) I'll have to try the recipe and find out sometime! And if it is, I really can't blame you for wanting one!


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