Monday, August 1, 2011

what day is it? 110? Wow!

Just popping in giving reassurance to my StS bloggies that I am still alive and well...fighting a domestically grown anger which has limited my dieting vigor. I did not do so bad...gained but not outrageously....

I needed to wallow in my non blogging non diet misery for a spell. I am BACK!

To not whine with too much details...we all know our emotions affect least some of us...and not only do we have to fight the food temptations, but the emotional habits we developed some frakking how.  Whether it be comfort or is a bitch, right? And so am I sometimes..more than my share of times!~ LOL!

I have seen a lot of good movies...and did not even hardly explore the foods that I am not allowed...So it was not really cheating...just with the flood in North Dakota preventing us from moving. The added money really not a gets spent.  The 17yr old pregnant couple cousin in laws staying with us since May...and their gonads are mature, but they are not. They compete for my daughters attention and act like guests. My daughter having been a teen mother, as well is kind of eating up the attention and she has two groupies. She is lonely because her man is gone up in North Dakota a 12hr drive from here. The prego teens only have done a dish washing or house cleaning only on occasional prompting. When the kids wake up before 9 am the expecting mom snaps at them and says she is trying to sleep. even with my daughter's permission, we make sure we wake up to make some added noise to bother their slumber. Put on PBS and prevent them from logging on directly to Facebook so they can emo post about it. Well they have stopped emo posting since there is another emo poster way worse in the family circle getting in a bunch of trouble for her lack of respect and  lack of appreciation. I guess it is harsh to suddenly change the opinion that they are no longer stay the frack away from the crayon popsicles I bought my grandbabies! And now that they have grown into procreating "adults" they can bitch at the grandbabies for eating snacks before dinner, as the candy and kiddy snacks and milk disappear into their don't need to ask belllies. And I am not their doggie sitter. Yes...they have a dog and it does not like being left alone at home and when it did, it ate the framework off the door and tore up a bunch of stuff....He is a cute dog, though, so I am stealing his affections since he is with me 24-7 like I have with all the home dogs here!

Oh and the grand mere mother in law is frakking with me on Facebook. She just joined this family tree app and requested that I accept being labeled her mother in law. OMG she is my son in law's mom. If anything I categorized as sister. She is one of those large women who is not large as you (she thinks) and not old as you and well better than you. She is a one upper. You buy a car she buys a newer one and gets personalized plate sort of one upper.Or if you revel in the fact that you went to a local cheap restaurant, she goes the next day to Red Lobster and brags about it. She only goes there to do this...not that it is something she normally does. You can make that woman do things just by doing and watch the predictable behavior.

Well...I lied...I whined and it is done! Now back to tracking and doing what I set out to do. Be a bloggie success story! (among the many that I so admire and appreciate they blog)!


  1. Ah, sometimes you need to let it all out, and there are so many things that can affect weight-loss outside of diet and exercise. Well done for getting it all out - now on with dropping the pounds!

  2. Wow. I would have totally cleaned house by now and I don't mean the dusting and sweeping kind. I get angry just reading about these people and the way they are treating your hospitality. This situation would never work for me. Everybody who lives there needs some responsibilities or can find somewhere else to live. Anyway - this is none of my business. I hope you can find the peace of mind to focus on what you need to do to lose weight.

  3. Uggh, I wish this world had more respect and common decency in it. If only they would let me be their social and familial conscience, I swear this world would be a better place. Keep your head up. Facebook drama cracks me up, so I finally deactivated my account. People are just too nutty on there. I didn't have anyone creating havoc with me personally, but just seeing the chilish posts and rants, raves, and total BS was getting old for me. Bye bye facebook. ;)

  4. Whew, I'll call off the amber alert -- was starting to wonder where you've been. As for your situation, you have a lot more patience than I do. I know a lady who's just like your "one-upper"... its hard to abstain from saying things just to make her look silly. heehee, hope everything gets sorted out for the best and glad to see you back!

  5. Setbacks and downer times are the human condition. Hopefully, usually, followed by better, more chipper times. So, you know the emo stuff sucks and now you work on handling it. You'll start losing again, and you will emerge a mature, 21st century version of Jayne Mansfield, kicking Scooter Butt.

    Nice to see you back posting. Keep at it, babe. Your destiny is a slim and fit one, riding like the wind.

  6. Good grief, with all that going on how are you staying sane? You are a much nicer person than I- much nicer!

  7. Sometimes, venting is just what you have to do! The pressure is better out than in, for sure.

    [ P.S. I totally bought my Do Life shirt months before I met Ben - before I even really considered myself a runner. And - running isn't the only way to "do life" ♥ It's about going out and being healthy and active, however you choose to make it happen! ]

  8. Oh my! Family can be sooo... sooo... insane at times. Especially inlaws! Hang in there, hope you have a better week this week.

  9. Helloooooo. Thank you all for showing up. It always makes me smile.

    Thanks Oh_mg I needed to hear your opinion on the T shirt.

  10. It would not be a family without drama and stuff. Stay strong, eat less and move more. michele

  11. I'd say all these stressers in your life have definitely entitled you to binge and rant. Wow, that's a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Stay on course!!!

  12. You can't hold it in and writing it down helps so share, whine, write, whatever makes you feel a bit better. Life is not easy and this year just seems to be the tops for so many of us.
    Take care and have a blessed week.


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